Some really weird things have been happing sense this new kid moved into a apartment next door to mine. He seems a little.....off, and it's not just cause he's from a whole different country, like he never goes out in daylight only for school. He creeps in the shadows of Los angles out of sight. He never eats or drinks, he is stronger then the foot ball team put together. Some times he's good but other times he's a total jerk, the strangest thing of all is his eyes change colour with his mood. There's only one explanation! He's a......


7. Ch -7-

 "What a boring day" amber groaned as she walked out to her locker. She paused and looked over at N talking to misty. Misty was a pro ghost hunter for SPR, misty seemed to always be sensing ghosts in this school but Amber always thought she was lying. 


 Seeing N talking to her made her mad, I mean what does she have that I don't have? I mean I don't hunt ghosts but still She thought.


 N still didn't smile, it made her kind of happy. If N didn't smile at her he shouldn't smile at misty either.


 She sighed and opened her locker. "When does the torture end?" She asked herself.


 N walked over and looked at amber. "Hey" he said. 


 Amber looked up at N's face slowly, "oh hey" she said.


 "About the other night" N started off.


 She turned a bit red "uhh yeah" she said.


 "Meet me behind the school during seventh  period" he said smiling a tiny bit as he walked away.


 Her heart pounded loudly, she looked around seeing if anyone else heard it but all she seen was misty giving her a snobby look.


 She walked over "stay away form N" she said. "Hmm let me think, no" she said and shut her locker. "Your such a pest!" Misty yelled.


 "Okay fine by me" amber said and walked off to her next class.


 Sixth  period seemed to last  forever, but the bell finally rang and amber pranced happily out the school to the back. She froze, something just occurred to her. This was just like the dream she had last night. 


 Her cheeks turned bright red and she hugged herself. She took a breathe and went to the back to where N was standing. The meadow was back, the white daises swayed in the wind. 


 This all looked like a dream. But was it?  


 She walked to N and he looked at her, his dark green eyes Turing a light pink colour. 


 How did this happen? 


 "Hey" N said.


 "Hi" she said.


 The colour in his eyes drained quickly and he wrapped his hand around her neck hissing something she couldn't understand.  

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