Some really weird things have been happing sense this new kid moved into a apartment next door to mine. He seems a little.....off, and it's not just cause he's from a whole different country, like he never goes out in daylight only for school. He creeps in the shadows of Los angles out of sight. He never eats or drinks, he is stronger then the foot ball team put together. Some times he's good but other times he's a total jerk, the strangest thing of all is his eyes change colour with his mood. There's only one explanation! He's a......


6. Ch -6-

 Amber looked around for N, he said for her to meet him behind the school.


 She started to wonder if he was coming. She sighed, she really did love N but sometime she worried about him, like the first day he was at school. She could remember that like it was yesterday.


 Hands wrapped arond her shoulders and lips pressed against her cheek.


 she turned to see N smiling at her.


 She blinked a couple times. Was N seriously smiling.


 She turned and sat on N's lap putting each leg to the side of his legs.  


 He smiled again and wrapped his arms around her and trailing his fingers up her back. 


 She smiled to and pressed her forehead against his. "I just realized, I love you" N said.


 Amber smiled "I love you to N" 


 she crashed her lips against him and and hugged him tightly 


 Amber woke up smiling widely  but she frowned when she realized it was just a dream. "I knew it was a dream, N would never smile at me......" 


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