Some really weird things have been happing sense this new kid moved into a apartment next door to mine. He seems a little.....off, and it's not just cause he's from a whole different country, like he never goes out in daylight only for school. He creeps in the shadows of Los angles out of sight. He never eats or drinks, he is stronger then the foot ball team put together. Some times he's good but other times he's a total jerk, the strangest thing of all is his eyes change colour with his mood. There's only one explanation! He's a......


3. Ch -3-

 N was no where to be found, amber looked everywhere! She looked in the gym where the basket ball team where having practice. She looked in the music room but all she found was creepy old miss bailey talking to a flower that was on her desk, she looked in the basement but it was to dark to see, she doubted that he would be there anyway. She looked in other class rooms but still no sign of N. 


 "ugh, where did you go?" Amber was getting frustrated, she didnt even know why she was following N and why she wanted to anyway.


 She sighed and sat on a bench out side the school. A black cat jumped up and sat next to her, it stared at her with cold black eyes, the same cold black eyes N had. 


 She picked up the cat and set it on her lap as she pet it's black silky fur, it purred softly. It's ears twitched and looked to one side where N was standing watching me. His eyes glittered green in the sun. 


 She set the cat down and it ran away, maybe the cat was getting the same bad feeling about N as she was. I looked at N and he nodded his head at me as if he where telling me something. 


 "H-hi" she said looking into his eyes.


 He waved slightly and looked to one side. She looked the same direction that he was looking but she seen nothing at all. 


 "I must go now" he said and walked behind the school. 


 She got up quickly "wait N!" She yelled as she ran to the back. She stopped in her tracks and looked out at a field full of daisys, N was walking through them touching the soft silky pedals as he walked along.


 She watched carefully as he walked into the woods at the far back and got lost out of sight. 


 She sighed  and looked at her watch. Her eyes got wide. "IM LATE!" She yelled as she ran inside and to the calss room. She sat in her seat quickly as the teacher passed out the pop quizzes. 


 This was a quiz on book we read called Hyde, the book was about Demond's and angles almost like good and bad. It was a interesting story with lots of detail and chapters.


 She looked at the first question and put her pencil to the paper. She put her name on top and passed in, from then she left the class room and walked back outside. She walked behind the school to what she tought was going to still have the beautiful medow, but.....it was gone. 


 She rubbed her eyes and looked back, the only thing that was there was N, standing in the centre of the medow with a  rose in his hand. He pointed the flower at me and the bright red drained out of the flower, she gasped as he smirked at her. 

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