Some really weird things have been happing sense this new kid moved into a apartment next door to mine. He seems a little.....off, and it's not just cause he's from a whole different country, like he never goes out in daylight only for school. He creeps in the shadows of Los angles out of sight. He never eats or drinks, he is stronger then the foot ball team put together. Some times he's good but other times he's a total jerk, the strangest thing of all is his eyes change colour with his mood. There's only one explanation! He's a......


1. Ch -1-

 "Amber it's time to get up!" Mom called out. 


 "I'm up I'm up!" She yelled as She finished up the last touch on my make up. She smiled at how good it looked, it was the first time she put on eyeliner evenly. She set her hand mirror down and looked out the window like she did every over morning. 


 She expected to see the same old things little kids running around and old man george yelling at the paper boy for giving him what he called was "the wrong kind of paper." She cuckled at the thought, and looked out the window, she was right old man George was yelling at the paper boy. She laughed but something caught her off guard, she seen a moving van park into the drive way, no one has moved into this buliding for years, why start now? 


 This teen around ambers age got out of the car, he was wearing a black beanie, white jeans and a black hoodie that said obey on it. She looked at his face, he had fiery red hair that took tension away from his paleish skin, he had a beautifully curved jawline that moved just the right way when he talked. Not to mention his electric green eyes and his soft light pink lips. 


 Her heart fluttered, he was totally her dream guy. She watched a bit more and in the pit of her stomach she could tell something was off about him but she ignored it and kept watching. Something in her head was telling her to look away but it wasn't possibly she was drawn to him, just at first sight to. 


 She rested her head on her hand and watched in awe. But that sstopped fast, the boy looked yup in her direction and she ducked "how did he know I was here?" She peaked out the window to see the van and the boy where gone.


 She felt a little shocked about this whole thing, who was this mysterious hot guy anyway?  

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