They Don't Know About Us

Brianna Smith is just a ordinary 18 year old that goes to Doncaster High School. She has always been bullied by Louis Tomlinson and his friends Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Harry. But she finally found her place with her friends Tiara, Mariah, and Samantha.


2. why?!?

Brianna's P.O.V

I left the school. I went to the place where no one would find me. I would always go there when I felt sad or stressed out. It was a old willow tree that was in a empty field filled with flowers. I stayed there for awhile then headed back home to find my sister Alyssa and my brother Greyson watching t.v . I am the oldest at 18 and then Alyssa at age 16 and Greyson at age 12.

My mom and my dad are never home they are always are on business trips or something, So that leaves me to take care of Greyson and Alyssa.

I just ran up to my room and I pulled out my iPhone and saw I had 6 text messages 2 from Samantha, 2 from Tiara and 1from Mariah. But one caught my eye it was from Louis...

It read: Hey sorry about today u alright?!?

I replied: why would you care about me!!

Louis: Well because you stormed off and I didn't see you for the rest of the day.

Brianna: Oh you noticed I was missing I thought you wouldn't even care or give a shit about me!!!

Louis: Whatever see you tomorrow ;)

Brianna: Whatever asshole.

Why would he care about me why?!?

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