The Women in the Woods

The true power of beauty is a darkness that blinds all to what lays just beyond, you cannot see past the face of one so ravishing, and, in a moment, your world is lost without you even noticing, or caring. A horror based around the Slavic myth of Veela.


1. Prologue

Innumerable bodies littered a clearing deep in the woods, overshadowed by tall old trees that bared silent witness to countless slaughters. A perfect circle of dead men in different states of decomposition. Flowers thrived amongst them as their flesh rotted and slowly returned to the earth. A group of girls continued to dance around and around in the inner ring of the destruction; a swirl of long hair, naked beauty and youth spiraled around the man at the centre of it all. 


His world had shrunk to that which lay within the dancing circle. The women were his walls, and he knew nothing of what evil lay just beyond. He stood, and he laughed, and he grew aroused amongst the stench of the death and the autumnal bloom. 


Even when they laid him down, and skinned him, and emptied him out onto the soil, and showed him his heart; even then did he smile on at the faces of those he had loved. For they were beautiful.

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