My hair is always tied up into a pony tail, and its always the same color: black. I shop at the same stores that also conveniently sold food and other home necessities. I can't wear make-up or get a boyfriend until I'm done with college. I am forever being under strict surveillance and i cant break break free. I want to run away, but doing so won't do any good for me. I'm asian, and my parents are the typical strict people you other people always sterotypically assume. I just want to break free and be myself, I'm not just asian, I'm asian american, and I want out.


2. Well

When I go to school, I was supposed to go straight home. No pit stops, no chatting, just go straight home and study. I stepped off the bus and began walking home slowly, taking my time so I can spend a little more time outside. I saw some other people laughing and making their way towards the creek behind this one boy's house.

"Hey! Cat, do you wanna hang out with us?" One of them calls out to me. I look at my house, only a couple houses down, and then back at them. I saw her waiting by the front door, she was staring right at me. If I turned and walked behind them she would not let me inside the house tonight.

"Ok, wait up!" I quickly ran up to the group and we made our way behind the house. They was about 5 other people and they were all talking amongst themselves about a well they had just found. It wasn't a normal well, this one was basically just a hole in the ground with a stone border and dirty water.

"Watch your steps guys. Falling in could be bad news." One of them warns. We all made our way closer to the creek, but when I passed the well, I lost my footing and I fell into the well. I manage to swim back up and grab onto the ledge but it felt like something was pulling me under.

"Cat! Hold on!" They all scramble around the well extending their hands, but I couldn't reach them, I was being pulled deep into the well until I hit the bottom. There was another tunnel at the bottom of the well and a current was pulling me towards it. This was it, I'll die and no one will find my body. At least I'll be away from that family, at least I don't have to worry about facing them ever again. I close my eyes and wait for my body to give up, my lungs were burning and I was ready to give up on life.

"Breathe." A gentle voice resonates around me. "Breathe." I didn't want to but I couldn't hold it in so I inhaled. 

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