My hair is always tied up into a pony tail, and its always the same color: black. I shop at the same stores that also conveniently sold food and other home necessities. I can't wear make-up or get a boyfriend until I'm done with college. I am forever being under strict surveillance and i cant break break free. I want to run away, but doing so won't do any good for me. I'm asian, and my parents are the typical strict people you other people always sterotypically assume. I just want to break free and be myself, I'm not just asian, I'm asian american, and I want out.


4. Reset

"Catherine Zhang! Wake up, you harlot!" The blankets were pulled away and my face suddenly stung. She had struck me, "If only you had gone home, why did you follow them? Those boys, they probably raped you!" I sat up, everything was still the same; she was still yelling at me but this time I was in a hospital.

"Kim, calm down. Catherine, why did you follow those boys? You're a girl, it's dangerous outside." My dad held my mother back from striking me again and told her to wait outside.

"I wasn't the only girl, there was 2 others. She just happened to see the 3 boys. You know her, she's always over reacting." I rubbed my face and examined my body, nothing new... My dad began to talk telling me it was dangerous and that I should have went home. He was saying boys were animals and that you couldn't be safe around them and that their sex drive was too out of control. The both of them were too old school, it's not like we were still living in china. We actually lived in a pretty nice neighborhood and most of the kids there already had someone, unlike me. They were all happily going on dates with their girlfriends or making a snack for their boyfriends.

"Do you understand?" I automatically nodded, and looked at him.

"What happened?" I asked, I wanted to change the subject; what he was telling me was not important.

"You fell into a well. You lucky they pulled you out, they could have just left you there. You would have died, do you know how upset me and your mother would be if we lost you?" He patted my head.

"They wouldn't leave me, it's not china." I muttered under my breath. "You always called me dumb anyways, why not just let me die?"

"What?" He knocked my head, "Are you stupid? I already spent 17 years on you, if I lost you now then those years would have been on nothing." My blood boiled, and I stood up.

"I don't belong to you! Just because your my dad doesn't mean I have to listen to you. How am I supposed to be independent if you keep telling me what to do?"

"I am your father and you listen to what I say! I've been there, and I've done that; I know everything you want to do and I know how it'll end up, so shut up and learn the easy way." He knocks my head again, and it throbs. 

"Tell me what happens now!" I quickly jump over my bed and out the window. As the world around me slows down I begin to cry, the memories that flash in my head before I die were all unhappy moments. I wasted my childhood listening to what they said and never did anything fun. I refused going to the pool party, I refused gifts, I studied 24/7. All I did was follow orders but I stopped, and now I'm falling to my death. I slowly close my eyes but I realized the my heart was burning. It throbbed and began to hurt like someone was stabbing it repeatedly. So I opened my eyes and saw the boy again, he was falling above me and I had a trident in my chest; he smiled and twisted it, making me writhe in pain.

"Stop!" I wheezed but he only grinned widely.

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