My hair is always tied up into a pony tail, and its always the same color: black. I shop at the same stores that also conveniently sold food and other home necessities. I can't wear make-up or get a boyfriend until I'm done with college. I am forever being under strict surveillance and i cant break break free. I want to run away, but doing so won't do any good for me. I'm asian, and my parents are the typical strict people you other people always sterotypically assume. I just want to break free and be myself, I'm not just asian, I'm asian american, and I want out.


1. Hateful

I've hated my parents since I was 10. It was when they found my diary and pried it open to read it's secret contents. Then again when when i was 12 and they forced me into another school because my grades were failing. I've been planning my escape since I was 9, but only for fun; and after the years, they became more serious. I wanted to dye my hair when I was 13 and add fun colors to the tips of my bangs, but no was the answer. I wanted to shop at brand name stores but no was the answer. At first, i didn't mind... they were minor things I could possess when I'm older; now I AM older. Nothing has changed.

I close my eyes and cry silently in my room. I had gone out and brought a pair of socks, of course they weren't regular socks; they lengthened passed my knees and stopped mid thigh. They were the cutest socks I've seen and I planned to were them to school the next day. As I slipped my leg into the last sock my door bursts open and I see my mom. Her mouth opens wide and her eyebrows furrow together. I am 17 now, and yet I still don't have my own privacy. The lock on my door is broken so I'm always scared someone will come in. 

"No, hand them over." she extends her hand, "Girls like you, shouldn't be wearing these things. You look like a whore." I hesitated.

"Please, mommy... don't take these away! I haven't worn them yet. I wont wear them tomorrow!" I whisper, I felt the tears coming. She was unfair.

"I will give them back when I think you can wear them." Her eyes were stern and they scared me.

"No... don't take them." I begged, she raised her hand and before I knew it. My socks were gone and my cheek stung.

I had originally planned to run away when I turned 16, when I could drive, but my mom wouldn't let me. She told me I could barely study, let alone drive; my plan has been postponed for 2 more years.

"Take me away. Take me away. Take me away." I chanted while wiping the tears from my eyes. I thought of all those times she put a dent into my life, all those times she thought she knew what was best. She kept making mistakes that had an impact on my life. HATEFUL. HATEFUL. HATEFUL. I HATE YOU. I HATE THIS FAMILY. I HATE MY LIFE. I HATE MYSELF.

"SOMEONE TAKE ME AWAY." I whisper loudly. I want to break free, this is the last straw.

"Are you sure about that?" A voice in my head asks gently.

"Of course I am. This family can stay out of my life for all I care." I scoff, such a silly question. I've blown up, this family is complete bull and I won't be part of it. 

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