My hair is always tied up into a pony tail, and its always the same color: black. I shop at the same stores that also conveniently sold food and other home necessities. I can't wear make-up or get a boyfriend until I'm done with college. I am forever being under strict surveillance and i cant break break free. I want to run away, but doing so won't do any good for me. I'm asian, and my parents are the typical strict people you other people always sterotypically assume. I just want to break free and be myself, I'm not just asian, I'm asian american, and I want out.


3. Demon

"Hello?" Someone was shaking me furiously, I opened my eyes and sat up. There was screaming and I felt hot, like I was in a sauna.

"Hey, are you ok?" I looked up and was face to face with a cute boy around my age. He had black hair and little red horns sticking out, it almost looked like he was wearing a head band. I examined him and realized he was floating, I looked at my surroundings and realized I wasn't in the well anymore. I was in some sort of hell, there were small rock islands with people being tortured. A bottomless pit of fire was below my feet but a small lake behind my back.

"What is this?" I asked in awe, I moved my hand underneath the boys feet and looked over the ledge next to me.

"Well... you're in hell; but its not bad because you have been ALLOWED to become a demon." the boy flew loops in the air.

"Was I bad?" I watched as he did more tricks in the air.

"No, but you're vengeful. Hmmm, yep; seems like that incident with your mom bumped you up to the top of our list." He flips through papers on the clipboard he was holding. "Yeah... but being a demon isn't so bad. I love my job, because I get to torture the evil! I mean, I don't find pleasure in it but its better than being a stinking angel." He started listing off more reasons why I should be a demon and the benefits it came with.

"Umm, I would just really like to go back to... the mortal world?" The boy stops flying around and lowers himself down and plants himself onto the ground.

"Listen girl, you have 2 choices: demon or angel. Demons punish and angels judge, demons teach the wrong doers and angels do tedious paperworks. Which one do you want to be?" His friendly tone was long gone and what was in it's place did not want to be tested. I hesitated and it seems like he knew I wanted more information.

He sighs and begin explaining again, but this time using more detail. He says that the position I'm in is good because I get to assure my place in heaven or hell before I die. So I don't have to worry about my actions while I'm alive. He told me that if I decide to be a demon I can break free from her and do whatever I wanted. Of course it included stealing, killing, or anything like that but only for a good cause. Like I could kill a man who raped a girl or girl who's bullying her peers. Then, if I wanted to be an angel, what was waiting for me in heaven was a mountain load of paperwork. 

"I'll tell ya what, I'll help you get away. I will do whatever it takes to get revenge on her. ONLY if you choose to be a demon..." I could tell there was a catch but breaking free from her was a dream I could finally achieve. I hesitated a little when he extended his hand, I looked at it and slowly reached out my own hand. The deal has been made; the screaming increased and intensified, my vision was melting into one. It was getting dark and I couldn't see and then it was quiet. 

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