Forever and Always

"MY DAD JUST GOT US BOTH TICKETS TO SEE JUSTIN BIEBER IN CONCERT NEXT WEEK!!!!" My best friend Melanne screams across the room. "Yay..." I say sarcastically. It's not that I don't like him, it's just before he became famous. Justin and I were boyfriend and girlfriend. And when the day came when he left, he never said goodbye. I thought he would call to make it up, but he never did. I thought I could move on and forget about him... But I never did. So I moved out here to Atlanta to live with my dad and try and forget about the mess. That's where I met my best friend melanne. And so now next week we're seeing him in concert....


8. Twitter & Instagram ect.

Sorry this isn't a chapter;( but I'll update soon:) 

Anyway, if you guys could help... Maybe get me to 1k on both my twitter and Instagram???

And yes I changed my Instagram name to: @avonxrauhl

And twitter is still the same @carissa_lynnae.

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