Forever and Always

"MY DAD JUST GOT US BOTH TICKETS TO SEE JUSTIN BIEBER IN CONCERT NEXT WEEK!!!!" My best friend Melanne screams across the room. "Yay..." I say sarcastically. It's not that I don't like him, it's just before he became famous. Justin and I were boyfriend and girlfriend. And when the day came when he left, he never said goodbye. I thought he would call to make it up, but he never did. I thought I could move on and forget about him... But I never did. So I moved out here to Atlanta to live with my dad and try and forget about the mess. That's where I met my best friend melanne. And so now next week we're seeing him in concert....


4. One Less Lonely Girl

(Carissa's POV)

Lady: "Do you want to be the One Less Lonely Girl?"

My mind was just blank.
Was this really happening?
The lady probably thought I was weird not answering right away. I mean, she's probably used to girls screaming "YES!" But I just couldn't think strait. 

This should be an opportunity for other fans.

Chaz: "C'mon Carissa, you can do it."

Me: "I think other fans who really want it should have the chance."

Chaz was talking to the lady so I couldn't hear.

Before I knew it, the lady grabbed my arm and pulled me through the crowd, down the stairs, and backstage.

When I got backstage there was another lady there.

She told me to wait here and someone would tell me what to do.

Oh my god. I can't do this. I'm nervous as hell, and to think.... I'll be in front of everyone...

So many thoughts and emotions were going  through my mind. 

I was brought out of my thoughts from a tall skinny guy tapping on my shoulder.

Man: "alright, you can walk over there *points* and the doors will open, when they open you walk out and the dancers will be there surrounding you to lead the way. Ok?"

My heart was racing, like fast.

Me: "ok."

I walked up to were the man told me to.

Just before I could take another breath.
The doors opened.

Ok, so I walk over here..... Oh my god. There is so many people starring at me...

Ok. You can do this Carissa.

I was directed to go sit on the gigantic chair thingy in the middle of the stage.

He was still at the end of the cat walk and was about to turn around.

He was still looking at his fans whiling walking towards me.

We haven't made eye contact yet but I know it's gonna happen soon!

Just then he turned around and made eye contact with me.

I thought he was just gonna ignore me, but I was wrong.

He smiled real big and winked at me. 

I smiled back. 

He walked right up to me and started putting his hand to my cheek.

He did all the rest of the things he usually does to the One Less Lonely Girls.

When the song was over we ran backstage and pulled me into a hug.

Justin: "So how was your experience of being One Less Lonely Girl?"

He smirked.  

Me: "It was... Interesting."

I said while smirking right back at him.

I was about to say something when he leaned in, and kissed me....

(Justin's POV)

She just looked so beautiful. On stage It was so hard for me to not kiss her, and I didn't. But I couldn't hold it in any longer. She kissed back.

Both my hands were on her cheeks and I felt sparks In between us.

It's been forever since I kissed those beautiful plump lips. 

She pulled out of the kiss looked a little shocked.

Me: "I'm really sorry, I new I shouldn't of. Please, please, please for-"

(Carissa's POV)

Justin: "I'm really sorry, I new I shouldn't of. Please, please, please for-" 

Before he could finish I leaned into kiss him.

His face brightened.

He snaked his arms around my waist.

After a while we were pulled out of the kiss by Alfredo.

Alfredo: "Yo Justin, their looking for you-  uhhhh?"

Justin: "oh. Do you remember Carissa that I told you about?"

Alfredo: "the girl you said you regretted not talking to, and was your first love, and so now everyday we have to hear you complain about how you wished you could see again but never knew were she was at and *takes deep breath*.... That girl?"

Justin's cheeks were red from embarrassment.

That's so cute;)

Justin: "Uhhh. Yeah. That's her."

He smiled looking at me saying that.

Alfredo: "THANK THE LORD! Now we won't have to hear you complain everyday! Thank you Carissa, you are like a savior!"

I started laughing. 

Me: "Hahaha. Ok..."

I smiled and Alfredo smiled back.

Alfredo: "Well it's good to finally meet you."

He said with a warm welcoming smile while pulling me into a hug.

Me: "you too."

Alfredo: "oh and justin?"

Justin: "yeah?"

Alfredo: "just to let you know, you have 2 minutes to change.... So you better hurry."

Justin: "shit!"

He jogged down the hallway and before he turned he stopped to say something.

Justin: "remember, after the concert come backstage."

I nodded.

He smiled and turned to his dressing room.

Oh justin;) oh how I missed him.

*after the concert*

The concert was over and I told Melanne she didn't have to wait up for me so she could go home, and she was ok with that because Chaz said he would take me home.

I was with Chaz and heading backstage.

While we were walking Chaz and I started to talk.

Chaz: "So...."

Me: "so..... What?"

Chaz: "What did justin say backstage when you guys ran off stage after One Less Lonely Girl?"

Me: "oh nothing, really...."

Chaz: "Oh nothing really, huh?"

He said copying the way I said it.

Me: "It's not that important what we did."

Chaz: "Oh, so you guys did something...."

Me: "Ok....... we kissed! There you happy!?"

Chaz: "a little."

He said with a big grin.

By time we were done talking we saw Ryan and Justin talking backstage. 

Justin's back was facing us.

I gave Ryan a little wave to get his attention and he smile and pointed to me for justin to look.

He turned around and a big smile appeared on his face.

Justin: "Carissa!"

He said walking towards me.

I smiled.

He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my cheek.

He pulled out and grabbed my hand.

Justin: "Chaz, Ryan. Imma go talk to Carissa for a little while."

Ryan: "Yeah, go right ahead man."

Chaz: "Bye Carissa, I'll see you later?"

Me: "yeah."

I have him a warm smile.

Justin and I still had our hands interlocked.

Justin: "I first want you to see my mom, she's really missed you."

I nodded giving him a warm smile.

We walked over to were Pattie was and she was talking to Scooter.

She put her finger up without looking back meaning 'one sec'.

Justin: "mom."

Pattie: "hold on justin."

Justin: "but it's important."

Pattie: "hold on Justin."

Me: "it's fine justin, we can wait."

Right when I said that Pattie froze.

She quickly turned around and a huge smile appeared on her face.

Pattie: "Carissa!? Is that you?"

Me: "yeah!"

I smiled with a little giggle.

Pattie: "oh my goodness!"

She came up and gave me a big hug.

Pattie: "it's so good to see you again!"

Me: "you too!"

Pattie: "it's been forever since I've talked to you!"

Me: "I know, it wasn't the same without you."

She patted my arm giving me one last hug.

Justin: "Carissa and I are gonna go talk backstage. So you guys can catch up some other time."

Pattie: "Alright, it was good seeing you Carissa."

I smiled and nodded.

With that we left.

*later that night*

Justin and I talked for what seemed like hours, but was only a half an hour just catching up on life and what we missed out.


Me: "I should get going now."

Justin: "no. Stay."

Me: "I can't, Melanne and I are having a girls day tomorrow and I need some sleep."

Justin's face sunk.

Justin: "awwww. Well do you need someone to take you home?"

Me: "Chaz is taking me home."

Justin: "well I can take you, it's no problem."

Me: "alright."

Chaz just came out of now were from behind one of the doors that lead to were to food was.... I swear, that boy. Whenever there's  food, you know were Chaz will be.

Chaz: "yeah sure.  You don't even have to ask me if I was taking her home."

He said sarcastically.

Justin: "fine."

He rolled his eyes.

Justin: "did you want to take her home?"

Chaz: "well yeah! That was kinda the point!"

Justin: "too bad."

He laughed and grabbed my hand and started running towards the door.

Me: "Sorry Chaz!"

I yelled across the room. 

He just waved looking kind of sad.


I told justin directions to my house and drove me there.

When we got there he stopped right In front of my house.

Me: "ummmm. I had a nice time talking to you."

Justin: "you too."

He smiled.

There was something he wanted to say, I could tell by his face and the way he was fidgeting with his fingers.

(Justin's POV)

I wanted to ask Carissa something. But I wasn't sure if I should.

I had to think for a while.

While Carissa and I just starred Into each other's eyes, I thought about it.

Me: "ummm. Carissa?"

Carissa: "yeah?"

Me: "will you be my girlfriend?"



🌸////////So that was Chapter 3! I'm sorry it wasn't very interesting, and it took me forever to update..... But don't hate me! It's just really hard when you have to go back and fourth for updating on both of your books, and then school work.... But I'm trying my best✌️
Love you💕




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