Forever and Always

"MY DAD JUST GOT US BOTH TICKETS TO SEE JUSTIN BIEBER IN CONCERT NEXT WEEK!!!!" My best friend Melanne screams across the room. "Yay..." I say sarcastically. It's not that I don't like him, it's just before he became famous. Justin and I were boyfriend and girlfriend. And when the day came when he left, he never said goodbye. I thought he would call to make it up, but he never did. I thought I could move on and forget about him... But I never did. So I moved out here to Atlanta to live with my dad and try and forget about the mess. That's where I met my best friend melanne. And so now next week we're seeing him in concert....


9. Movie night

(Justin's POV)

Chaz: "I love Carissa."

He what?

I couldn't speak. Nothing was coming out.

Chaz: "Ummmm. Justin?"

Me: "Why didn't you tell me!?"

Chaz: "I tried to but, but... I-"

Me: "But what!?"

Chaz: "I knew this was gonna happen."

Me: "What was gonna happen?"

Chaz: "That you and Carissa would get back together.... So I didn't want to stop you from dating each other, because I knew you still loved her and she still loved you, and I'm good friends with both of you and I don't want to ruin our friendship."

Me: "Thanks man."
I calmed my voice.

Chaz: "And look, I'm sorry I even mentioned it."

I nodded, even though he couldn't see me.

Me: "Yea."
I sighed.

Chaz: "Ill talk to you later, alright?"

Me: "Sure."

Chaz: "Alright bye."

*End of phone conversation*

I still can't believe he's never told me before.

Is this why he looked sad when I told him about me and Carissa getting back together?

I sighed and walked back into Carissa's room. 

She wasn't in bed.

Me: "Carissa?"

I shouted.

I heard the shower running.

So she's in the shower.

I heard her singing.... One of my songs.

I smiled at the thought:)


(Carissa's POV)

I was so relaxed by this shower I didn't even realize I started to sing one of Justin's songs.


I turned off the shower and hopped out.

I wrapped the towel around me and dried myself off. 

I didn't grabbed clothes before I came in here so I had to leave the bathroom.

I walked out with the towel still wrapped around me and-

Justin: "Hey beautiful."

Right when he talked I flinched and grabbed onto my towel more.

Me: "I didn't realize you'd be in here."

Justin: "Oh. After I was done talking to Chaz I came up here, and I heard you were in the shower. So I decide to wait..... And I heard you singing."

I could feel my cheeks burning up.

Me: "Uh- you heard that?"

He smiled and nodded.

'Thats embarrassing' I kept thinking to myself.

Justin: "You sing beautifully, and I mean it."

By now my cheeks were probably red as a apple.

He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me.

Justin: "It's so cute when you blush, you know that?"

Me: "Justin? I kinda have to get dressed..."

Justin: "Or you could stay like that all day..."

He looked down at me and gave me a smirk.

Me: "Nah. I'm good."

Justin: "Ok then."

He kissed my forehead then my lips and let go.

I walked over to my closet and grabbed my under garments and walked back over to my bed to change into that first.

I was about drop my towel when I realized Justin was still in here. 

Me: "Justin! You know in order for me to change you have to leave?"

Justin: "Yeah... But I was kinda hoping you wouldn't notice."

Me: "You perv."

Justin: "Only for you!"

He shouted as he walked towards the door opening in and then closing it has he left.

Ok, now I can change.

I got in my under garments and then walked back over to my closet.

Hmmm. It was cold out earlier when we went to Starbucks.... So I guess I should dress a little warm. 

I picked out some bluish/whitish skinny jeans from Hollister and a flowy cropped red sweater. 

I walked back to the bathroom to do my hair and makeup.



(Justin's POV)

After Carissa was done in the shower we went to my house to have a movie night. And now we're on the 3rd movie.

Carissa kept yawning and trying to keep her eyes open. She needs to go to bed, she's tired. My poor baby.

Me: "Babe, let's get you to bed."

Carissa: "No. I'm fi- *yawns* I'm fine, let's finish the movie first then I will."

Me: "Its ok Carissa, we can finish it tomorrow."

She just nodded trying to keep her eyes open.

I carried her upstairs to my room bridal style.

I laid her down gently on my bed and pulled the covers over her.

I took off my shirt and pants and now I was only in my boxers.

I walked over to my bed and got back under the covers.

Me: "Babe."

Carissa: "Huh?"

Me: "How come you never told me you knew Chaz loves you?"



///// omg. I know I haven't updated in FOREVER and Im so sorry! Every night I kept telling myself "Your going to finish updating tonight Carissa!" But I never did;( I'm sorry. Sorry for the sucky chapter.... BUT WHOS EXCITED FOR #HOLDTIGHT AT MIDNIGHT??!!?!! I AM!!! 👏👏👏😘 It's going to be pure perfection. 
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