Forever and Always

"MY DAD JUST GOT US BOTH TICKETS TO SEE JUSTIN BIEBER IN CONCERT NEXT WEEK!!!!" My best friend Melanne screams across the room. "Yay..." I say sarcastically. It's not that I don't like him, it's just before he became famous. Justin and I were boyfriend and girlfriend. And when the day came when he left, he never said goodbye. I thought he would call to make it up, but he never did. I thought I could move on and forget about him... But I never did. So I moved out here to Atlanta to live with my dad and try and forget about the mess. That's where I met my best friend melanne. And so now next week we're seeing him in concert....


5. "Is that a yes or..."

(Carissa's POV)

Justin: "Will you be my girlfriend?"

I just stood there shocked.

I mean yes, we've dated before.... But I thought we both moved on. I'm not doubting my feelings for him. But- what am I saying.

Me: "Uhhh. I-"

Justin: "I understand if you don't, it's fine. I should just get go-"

Before he could finish, I smashed my lips to his.

He kissed back.

I pulled out and gasped for air.

Me: "I should get going, you know it's getting la-"

Justing cut me off.

Justin: "Is that a yes or...."

I nodded my head and smiled.

He grinned so big and his cheeks turned red. That's Justin for you;)

Justin: "Ok.... Well I'll call you tomorrow?"

Me: "Yeah."

I gave him a warm smile.

Before I oped the door we hugged and he kissed my gently, and yet passionate.

He pulled out.

Me: "Bye Justin."

I waved and he smiled in return.

I walked in the door to see Melanne watching tv. 

Melanne: "So.... Does Justin kiss good?"

Me: "What?"

Melanne: "I mean, I'm sure you would know... You guys were basically eating each others faces off."

My cheeks turned red.

Me: "I-"

Melanne: "Goodnight Carissa."

She smiled and gave me a side hug.

She was now half way up the stairs.

Melanne: "Oh, and I'm happy you guys are together now."

She gave me a warm smile.

My cheeks turned more red.
How does she- oh yeah..... 
We... Kinda... Kissed.. Hehe.


Well today has been a long, and wonderful day;)

I was now I'm my bed about to go to sleep.

When I got a call.

It read 'Chaz'.

I answered it.

Me: "Hello?"



//////Hey girlies! Sorry I didn't update right away. Caught up in school.... Ugh😔🔫 but anyway.... I hope you enjoyed. 

Stay swaggy✌️




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