The Irish one

A girl Sarah, Lillian is heading off to college to be a guitarist but will she meet the love of her life or will someone get jealous and ruin everything? His book has action, love, jealousy, and betrayal all in one, Hope you enjoy!!!


5. Want to hang out?

Sarah pro

       A while has passed and all of us and the boys are sitting on the couch watching tv. I'm not really paying attention to the movie I just keep looking at Niall for some reason. I'm sitting on he other couch opposite side of him. I don't know why I am though, cause Harry is sitting on this couch to. I can tell Harry keeps looking at me, I know he likes me but he doesn't have to try to seduce me! That's just fucked up, I guess it's time to forget though. Niall looks over at me and he blushes!!! Oh my god it's so cute when he blushes! He hen quickly looks back at the tv but his face is still red. I hen decide to mess around with him and make him all sweaty and embarrassed. I walk over to him and I only sit net to him on the couch. I looked at Niall and Harry, both of their expressions are practically blank but with a hint of surprisment! This is histerical, Nialls face is even more red, but Harry's is Pail and he leaves the room. I think I'm falling for a guy I just met yesterday. 

Niall pro

      Oh no what am I supposed to do? Just sit there and be awkward, bu I can't do anything cause I don't want her to think I'm like Harry! What am I supposed to fucking do? My face is probably as red as a cherry would be, I'm freaking the fuck out! 

Sarah pro

i feel bad now, he seems worried that if he does make any sort of movement I'm gonna think of him like Harry. I then say, "well do you want to go for a walk?" I see a hint of relief in his eyes as he says, "sure." We finally walk outside onto the sidewalk and start walking. He then says, "you want to go to a park?" I nod, I love nature though so this will be fun! We finally get to a nature park and we're in the woods. I pick a beautiful pink wild flower and put it in my hair behind my ear. I think he likes me, I know by he way he looks at me, I like him to though. I finally turn around since I was smelling a flower, and Niall is right in front of me. It startles me a bit but I don't move, yay I'll find oh if he really does love me! We slowly get closer and closer to each other, then our lips halfway touch, then completely touch. I smile and so does he as we're kissing. It's a kiss with so mean feeling in it, it's so tender, peaceful, and caring. I'm falling in love with boy! It finally stops and I whisper, "wow." He smiles and replies, "I was just gonna say the same thing." I giggle and then we start walking again side to side. Then he slips his hand in with mine. We're finally home and Niall runs to the door opens in it and runs in the house and runs up to Harry who is sitting on the couch and Niall says, "excpecially if you touch her now, nobody will ever find your dead body!"


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