The Irish one

A girl Sarah, Lillian is heading off to college to be a guitarist but will she meet the love of her life or will someone get jealous and ruin everything? His book has action, love, jealousy, and betrayal all in one, Hope you enjoy!!!


10. Want to do a concert with us?

Louis POV

     One day I was spying on Niall and Sarah as the were playing guitar. Sarah is so good at playing guitar! Her and Niall blend together so smoothly, they really do have a connection, I have an Idea! I run downstairs and tell Zayn and Liam about it, "hey guys, I just heard Sarah playing guitar with Niall and they sound so beautiful together, it's such a good harmony, they can also do seperate parts! So I was wondering if maybe Sarah can do just one concert with us!? Pretty please, with a cherry on top!" Zayn and Liam smiled and we also told Harry, he didn't give any reaction to it, but I didn't hear a no! Yay yay yay yay! I'll yell at Niall to come down here and he does. I tell him everything then he nods his head quickly and smiles. He runs upstairs probably to go help Sarah get downstairs. They both eventually are completely Dow here and I finally tell Sarah, "by in about three weeks we're having a concert and we were wondering, how would you like to play the guitar on stage with Niall!" Her face brightens up and her eyes get  wide and she yells, "yes!!! I'm getting my crutches and my cast off tommorow to!" 

Sarah POV

       One week has past so far and my leg is back to normal, I feel like I could run 100 miles! Me and Niall practice every day on the guitar, and one night we did it in front of the boys and we all sang and in the song were singing at the concert, best song ever, there gonna let me have some echo parts! This is the best day of my life! I always have wondered about the song, best song ever. Was there an actually girl named Georgia rose? Did one of the boys meet a girl they fell in love with, oh well doesn't matter. This past couple of days I told Niall everything about my entire life. Even about how I lost my parents when I was seven because they got murdered, I started crying when I told him that, then he hugged me trying to me up and he kept saying that my parents are probably so happy on how I turned out to be. Niall is so sweet, he is the best boyfriend a girl could ever possibly have! 

2 weeks later (day of concert) Sarah POV

         today is the day, I'm so excited! I'm still really nervous though, Niall keeps tellin me there is nothing to worry about. I believe him every time and I'm started to relax more, then a lady got my hair all done and my outfit, Niall said I looked beutiful, almost the same thing as we were little exept he used or say you look really pretty. Then as the boys and I waited in the one area before the concert there one manager/bodyguard, Paul, said, "five minutes till your on stage get into places. We all stood up and we all walked out into the stage but the curtain was covering us. I was standing right next to Niall and then the curtains removed and niall was gaving his microphone and he began to speak to all of the fans, "Hello everybody! It's very nice to see all of you could make it, I hope you have a wonderful time! Now I would like to inroduce you to Sarah! She is officially my girlfriend, and she will be playing her guitar with me today!" Then he kept quiet and we all sold i front of out microphones on its stand. Then the music began to play and me and Niall were the first ones playing out guitars! It sounded great from what I could hear! We were making great harmony and sometimes even unison! Then we all sang our parts and the song was fantastic! Best of my life, me and Zayn finished of the song where we sing softly it was the best song ever, it was over fast but it was so much fun!


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