The Irish one

A girl Sarah, Lillian is heading off to college to be a guitarist but will she meet the love of her life or will someone get jealous and ruin everything? His book has action, love, jealousy, and betrayal all in one, Hope you enjoy!!!


1. This is who I am

Hi, I'm Sarah Lillian, I'm 18 years old and I'm heading off to college to be a guitarist. I have been playing guitar since I was 5 years old. I want to be famous like all those other guitarist, maybe someone can give me advice along the way. I'm driving in my black jeep, with everything that I owned packed in he truck. The college I'm going to is Stanford, they have guitar subjects there. Surprisingly I'll only be there for two years until I graduate. My dad and mom must be proud of me up there. I wonder I they are looking down at me and saying that's my girl, my daughter, I'm so proud of her. I guess I won't know until I die and go to heaven with them. As I was on the road I realized  almost out of gas. So I search on my iPhone 5, Suri, where the closest gas station is. I finally got there and filled up my almost empty tank to 3/4 full. I decide to go into the he station since they have a Bon evens connected to it. I walk in and I just order some coffee, hopefully that'll wake me up.

niall pro

    Me and Harry are in bob evens and we're in our seats. Harry is sitting next to me and we're both looking at the menu since I'm starving! Then Harry nudges my arm and says, "look at how beautiful that girl is." I don't even look up, Harry is such a flirt, for all I know she is probably a slut if Harry thinks she's pretty. I just say, "whatever." Then he nudges me again and says, "I know what your thinking but just look!" I sighed and looked into the direction Harry is looking. This tall girl, with beutifull wavy black hair and hazel eyes is at the cash register ordering coffee. I got to admit she is beautiful, she even looks around my age. Then she decides to sit in the seat behind where we are. Then Harry says, "I got this one." I laugh a little at his pretend confidence. But he still sits right in front of her and she looks up since she was texting on her phone. Then Harry says, "I'm sure you know me, but I'd like to get to know you dear." I can't handle this, she is gonna think he is stalking her. I walk up to them and say to her, "I'm terribly sorry Miss, myfriend  gets a little carried away sometimes." She giggles a bit which is adorable, then she says, "oh it's quite alright, I know who you guys are, your one direction right? Hehe I guess what everyone says about Harry is true then, well I'm Sarah, Sarah Lillian. It's quite a pleasure to meet the both of you." Harry's mouth dropped when she was so calm when she found out we're one direction, but I like it. She is so pretty up close to, and she is so polite and so confident. 

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