The Irish one

A girl Sarah, Lillian is heading off to college to be a guitarist but will she meet the love of her life or will someone get jealous and ruin everything? His book has action, love, jealousy, and betrayal all in one, Hope you enjoy!!!


2. Jealous

Harry pro

   Niall didn't have to freaking come over here and ruin it for me. I had her, I know I did, I think. Then Sarah says, "you guys can still sit here with me though." I skooch over and me and Niall are sitting in front of those gorgeous eyes of hers. Then Niall says, "so where you from?" She smiles and says, "we'll I'm from Florida, and I'm going to college to become a guitarist, isnt that what you are niall?" I smile and say, "yeah, that's pretty cool that your going to college to do that to." She smiles and then her phone rings, she answers and we let her talk to whoever she is talking to." 

Sarah pro

   My phone rings and I answer it, it's the main director of Stanford university. When I answer I hear, " is this Sarah Lillian?" I say, "yes." "I'm terribly sorry but your arrival can't be accepted until next year." I already sold my house so I could live in the Stanford apartment. I hang up and a tear is in my eye. Niall then asks, "what's wrong?" I look up at him and say, "I can't be accepted into Stanford until next year and I don't have anywhere to live." Harry's face expression is happy for some reason but Nialls is like he is sad for me that I don't get to go. Then it lights up all happy and he says, "well I'm a guitarist and I could help you a little and we have a huge guest bedroom!" Even though I don't actually personally know them, I don't have much of a choice right now. This will also be good to learn guitar from an expert! I fake a smile and say, " I would love that but is everyone ok with it?" He nods his head and we all walk out into the parking lot. I follow him and Harry in my car behind them. We finally arrive at this huge house that probably has 50 different guest bedrooms in it. Niall helps with my bags and we walk inside into a guest bedroom. Then he says, "we have several different rooms you could have but I assumed you would want the biggest one." I looked around in it, it really was huge! It had a huge luxury bathroom connected to it, a patio connected to it, and a huge walk in closet! I smiled as I am looking around and he laughs at my amazement. I step out into the patio, I love patio's that are in the air like this! I lean over the ledge and let the cool air run through my hair and gently hit my face. Niall comes and stands next to me and says, "I'm sorry, you may not know us that well and you might think its a little creepy but we're good people I promise!" I smile and say, "you look like a caring, nice, sweet person, i trust you." He blushes and then he says, "well all the boys should be home by now, I want you to come meet them!" He grand my hand and runs with me downstairs. It's not like he is trying to be like Harry, trying to get me or whatever. He didn't seem to mean anything by grabbing my hand, Niall is such a gentlemen though. We're downstairs and all the other boys including Harry are sitting on the couch. All the boys look up at me and I think the one Louis says, "hello dear, Harry told us all about you. Then he mummbles, "well of course he is he one to tell us about a girl." We all laugh exept for Harry, he just glares at Louis. Niall lets go of my hand and says, "so that you don't get our names mixed up this one is Louis, he is the funny one, this is Zayn, known as the bad boy, this is Liam, the one that just laughs at everything, and well you already know this is Harry and as you can see he is the flirt, and well I'm Niall." Then Louis interrupts him and says, "and is very much a gentlemen but watch so can I be!" Louis runs into the kitchen and comes back in with a tea cup full of tea and he drinks it with his pinky finger up. We're just laughing at how bizzare he can be." Then Zayn says, "ok so anytime somebody comes here we always have an annual movie night to celabrate." Then Louis says, "oh and guess what we have always done this since today, lets get started shall we!" Then Liam says, "ok us boys are gonna pick out our preferences of a movie and we're gonna whatch it, you tell us which one you liked best." I nod my head politely and they all begin to look for their movies.

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