The Irish one

A girl Sarah, Lillian is heading off to college to be a guitarist but will she meet the love of her life or will someone get jealous and ruin everything? His book has action, love, jealousy, and betrayal all in one, Hope you enjoy!!!


8. hospital

sarah pov

    i woke up in the hospital. i dont know how i even ended up here. all i know is every part of my body is killing me! i try to sit up but i cant cause the pain is all entering into my chest. i then see a nurse walk in and she says, "you are very lucky, you got into a car accident, you past out while driving, luckily no one else was on the road either. somebody is here for you though." i try to nod my head just a bit as if i was saying ok. then i see niall walk in and it looked like he was crying. he then sits on my bed with me and gently holds my hand. he then whispers, "im sorry this is all my fault.' i shake my head in reject but i barely could cause it hurt to much, I then whisperd to him, "Niall I love you." 

Niall POV

     then all the sudden she whispers, "Niall I love you." Tears came into my eyes then something happened. She slowly closed her eyes and for a second I thought she was just falling asleep. Then I hear the heart monitor go beeeeeeeb. HER HEART STOPPED!!! I yelled that and nurses and doctors ran in and pulled me away, I kept fighting to get back to her but hey just wouldn't let me.


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