The Irish one

A girl Sarah, Lillian is heading off to college to be a guitarist but will she meet the love of her life or will someone get jealous and ruin everything? His book has action, love, jealousy, and betrayal all in one, Hope you enjoy!!!


11. 7th month with niall

Sarah POV 

        It has been 7 months with being together with Niall, wow! Tonight it's just me and Niall at his house, he boys went on vacation but Niall wanted to stay with me, he is so sweet. We started cuddling on the couch while watching just a regular movie, not scary or anything, it was like jut an action movie with some romance in it. I kissed his lips just out of know where and it surprised him for a sec, then he pressed his lips harder against mine. The. I got on top of him and we started making out. Every kiss just got sweeter and sweeter without a doubt. Then he picked me up and carried me into his bedroom and shut the door and gently placed me on the bed. This is really gonna happen, I'm finally not gonna be a virgin anymore, oh wait Harry already took car of that, he is such a dick, but now it's time to focus just on me and Niall. Now he is on top of me and he unbuttons my pants, and you can imagine what has happened next. I officially love Niall so much! He turned out to be just some famous boy I met into the one I want to be with forever! I love him so much, words can't even explain how much we care for eachother. The next day me and Niall practice guitar. The boys got back home and Harry I guess is still sort of my friend. I just won't trust him anymore with anything. That night we all played truth or dare. Of course it was Niall turn first and Zayn asked, "have you ever had sex with sarah?" I blushed but Niall wasn't afraid cause he yelled, "yes!" I covers my face with my hands so i didn't have to see them staring at me. Then Louis says, "I knew I shouldn't of let you two home alone, Niall your grounded mr!" We all started laughing at Louis's tone of voice then Louis carries on and says, "and for you young lady, ugh Sarah sweety don't even get more started!" Then Louis snapped his fingers in a z formation. We all started laughing even harder and so was Harry, this is creepy. My face is probably so red! I sat closer to Niall and we put both of our hands behind our backs and I slipped my hand with his. We both smiled and his hand was so warm. Then it was Liam's turn to dare Louis. So then Liam said, "Louis I want you to have Harry give you a piggy back ride brut you guys only have to be in your underwear, and you got to be outside." They big removed all there clothes except there underwear and Niall covers my eyes but I could still see through the cracks. We all looked out the window and they did it! Harry came back in with a grin on his face as he put his clothes back on so I asked, "where's Louis?" He just said, "he said he had to go to the bathroom." I believed him, common mistake. We all faced to one of the walls then Harry blind folded me, then I heard scattering feet. I removed the blind fold and it was pitch black dark, and it was creepy, I'm freaking it right now cause I started having tears come down. Then I heard a big, "ahhhhhhAHHHHHHHH!" And I screamed to but the light came on and it was Louis. He saw I had tears coming down and he said, "oh I'm really sorry Sarah." Niall came from behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and said, "I'm sorry baby, we didn't mean to make you cry." I made him let go of me

and do stomped upstairs into our room.   Then Niall ran and burst into tears, "Sarah please don't tell me your mad! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, please Sarah I'm so so sorry!" I almost started crying when he did that I didn't mean to make him cry! I ran up to him and hugged him and I never wanted to let to. He put his arms completely around me tight. He never wanted to let me go either.


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