For You, Zack

I love and hate at the same time. It is time to let it all out. I am letting this all out to you, Zack. You hold me together without even knowing it.


12. We Talked A Lot More

You: The band director lights into me way more than his "head" drum major...... but anyway I am just about a minute away from work I'll continue after work.

Me: Okay. But don't take anything from him personally. And you are both drum majors because the band chose you both. You are an awesome drum major. Don't let anyone tell you different. Have fun!

***a few hours later***

You: Today was a short day! Yeah. I'm not going to let it get to me, I almost did at the beginning......... and thank you. That makes me feel better about it.

Me: Your welcome. And you are. I was not exaggerating. You really are great.

You: Thank you.                         

***another conversation***

You: My mom is making double fudge brownies. Probably to make me fatter.

Me: You are not fat. Do not call yourself fat.

You: But I am a little

Me: No. You are not. Please do not call yourself that. I call myself fat and it still bothers me when other people call themselves fat. But please do not. Please. You are not. You actually have a lot of muscle.


*I wondered how you did not see then that I liked you, but then you made me heart soar and made me feel so much better*


You: Okay. I will not call myself fat, but your DEFFINITLEY not fat either... Most girls would kill to be anywhere near your size or be very toned like you. Be Proud of it!... That is unfortunate that I cannot convince you otherwise, but that is my true opinion.






You. You, Zack, make me smile so bright. I hope I make you smile. I know that I can make you laugh when others cannot. I hope I can keep doing that because I love your smile. I love seeing your whole face go along with whatever you are feeling. I love how your smile just brightens your whole face. It is already bright without you smiling anyway.

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