For You, Zack

I love and hate at the same time. It is time to let it all out. I am letting this all out to you, Zack. You hold me together without even knowing it.


5. Our Conversations

I do not think anyone knows we even talk, especially all the time. But we do have these conversations about her that go about freely. I tell you all the things that come into mind. I just do not tell you I like you.


You: When is your birthday, by the way?

Me: A few days after Her birthday. May 18.

You: Ahhh, I would have never figured that out as I don't know Her birthday.

Me: May 13.

You: I just kinda learn dates as I go.

Me: I know Her middle name. She does not like Pepsi. Her favorite soda is Dr. Pepper. Favorite color is dark blue. She does not have a favorite song, but She does like a variety of music. Her favorite male country singer is Kenny Chesney.

You: Well I knew her middle name.... That is about it.

Me: She may be your best friend now, but She was mine first. I know even more random information about her that not many others know.



I do not know if this conversation should make me hopeful. I smiled when you asked me my birthday and I had the sensation that someone cared about me. I felt like you cared about me enough to try to find out more about me. You did not try to find out her birthday though, or you forgot. Should this make me hopeful? Should I not have these feelings for you because you are His best friend?

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