The Ghost of You

Normal. What is the real definition of normal? And why does it define us? Normal life, normal people, normal, normal, normal. Nothing could be more normal than the small city of Beauford South Carolina. But what happened here was not. Faith doesn't feel safe walking the streets anymore. Someone's watching her. Just like they were watching her brother.


2. Morning Shivers

      Faith's POV

     I wake up to the sound of my own screaming. My parents don't come running anymore as they did a week ago. The same nightmare haunts my dream every night since the night he was murdered. I told the cops a week ago that he was in the woods. Which just caused even more questioning for me. They thought I was crazy. Maybe I am. I don't know what to do with myself anymore. My best friend is gone. My only lifeline. The only reason for me to stay alive. I tell myself it should have been me. And it should have.

       I run my fingers through my hair and sit up slowly, taking in my surroundings. I was in my room it was still dark out and the clock read 3:24. I roll over and turn my lamp on quickly engulfing my room in light, freeing me from the darkness. I slip out of bed and walk over to my bathroom. My head was spinning and images from my dream keep flashing into my mind. I look into the mirror to see red streaks running down my cheeks, my eyes were puffed and glazed. All evidence of crying in my sleep. My throat was soar and scratchy from screaming. I sit down on the bathroom floor and run my fingers over the jagged scars on my wrists. The red had faded leaving only a white scar leaving streaks in my skin. I think back to when I did them. A week ago, after the police came to our house telling us they had found Jeremy's body in the woods after a week of being missing. How good it felt just to let the pain go, as I had did so may times before that. I stand up and go into my closet pulling out a box of fresh newly bought razor blades. "Don't, don't do it, Faith. Be strong." The familiar voice of her brother says in my mind. I drop the box sending it into gravity's clutches as it pulls it to the floor with a loud bang. I step back and clutch my head in my hands. "No, no. Stop it." I whisper. "You're not really here go away." I whisper urgently. I walk over to the sink and splash some cold water on my face to clear my head, to make me come to my senses. I take a towel and wipe my face and when I reopen my eyes. He's there. In the mirror. His face was pale and his eyes were cold. His face in a grim stern line instead of his usually friendly smile. He opens his mouth to say something. But then I blink and hes gone. I turn around quickly, suddenly out of breath. He's nowhere to be found. I scream at the top of my lungs and fall to my knees crying. I crawl to the corner of my room hugging my knees crying silently to myself trying to convince myself it was just my imagination. He wasn't there. It was normal to see things like this after a tragedy right? I slowly cry myself to sleep in the corner. And thats where my parents find me, 24 hours later.


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