The Ghost of You

Normal. What is the real definition of normal? And why does it define us? Normal life, normal people, normal, normal, normal. Nothing could be more normal than the small city of Beauford South Carolina. But what happened here was not. Faith doesn't feel safe walking the streets anymore. Someone's watching her. Just like they were watching her brother.


4. Happily

            I ended skipping the rest of school to be able to spend some time with Jake. We walked down a back street away from the school, out of the sight of the school officers. I learned many different ways to get away from the school lately. Not that it would matter if they caught me, I knew Mrs. Wahlberg would write me up anyways, she's the only one that I'm pretty sure feels no sympathy for me, not that I cared. "So how long are you staying for?" I ask in a feeble attempt to make conversation after being apart for so long. "I'm off for a week, the vacation schedules are a bit different down there." "Nice" I reply with a small smile. Maybe him being there would be able to make me feel a bit better. "Wait where are you staying." I ask not being able to remember any relatives in the area since most of his family lived in Florida. "With my aunt...she lives an hour away though and I'm not sure how often I would be able to get the car." He answers with his brow furrowed together, which I knew was a sign that he was nervous. Before I can think otherwise I reach over and grab his hand, he laces his fingers with mine and I feel him relax a bit. Shit why did I just do that? I think to myself. But it didn't matter he seemed to be more relaxed now. A voice in my head told me not to get too attached, he would be leaving in a week, I didn't want to end up being heart broken again. "Well...that sucks..." I pause for a moment. "I'm sure my parents wouldn't mind you staying with us for the week." I suggest, trying to keep Jake as close to me as I possibly can, with his presence helping me to actually be semi happy for once. We walk down the street hand in hand silent for a moment as Jake takes a moment to think. "I appreciate that and all...but I wouldn't want to stay in Jer's room..." I start laughing, the first time I have laughed in what felt like forever. "I wouldn't make you stay in his room, that's horrible, what kind of person do you take me for." He smiles relieved. "I have an extra pull out mattress in my room. You would stay in my room." I explain as we draw near my house. "And your parents would be okay with a boy staying in your room?" Jakes says raising an eyebrow with a playful smile. I chuckle. "At this point I think theyd do anything to make me happy." Happy that's what I was. I was happy with Jake.

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