A letter to plagiarists...

I doubt any actual plagiarists will read this, but I felt like writing it anyway.


1. A letter

Dear Plagiarists,


A story begins with an idea.  Sometimes that idea comes easily, other times excruciatingly difficult.


Sometimes the writer stares at a blank page for hours on end, just waiting for the right words to come to them.


Some writers just say, “Screw original ideas! Copy and paste is good enough as long people praise me! I don’t give a sh*t if I didn’t write this! I just want attention!”


Well, I doubt they said that out loud, but you get my point. These people aren’t writers. These people are…


Cue dramatic thunder! If you’ve plagiarized, read this. This is what a real writers go through to perfect their work.

1. They come up with an idea. Ideas don’t always come easily though. One time in particular, I remember going through an agonizing stretch where I simply couldn’t figure out what to write about. I’d sit there for days, staring at a blank page, just waiting for the perfect idea to come. It took weeks. Maybe even months to come up with an idea. The point is, sometimes coming up with an idea is harder than writing the first draft. Stealing an idea, in my eyes, is just as bad as copying and pasting a book word for word. Essentially, they just gave birth to the frickin’ story. Don’t kidnap our babies. Please? (To all the bad ‘kidnapped by 1D’ fanfic writers, this is a very bad thing here. Not a good thing like you say in your stories. The idea isn’t going to fall in love with you like your main character falls for 1D, Kay?)

2. They plan. Some writers just do it in their head, and some write the basic idea down on paper. Some write down every. Last. Detail.

3. They write. They write the first draft. Usually it’s absolute crap at this point. (If it’s not, they’re either 1. A liar. Or 2. A fricking god.) everything is much better next time around. Usually by the end of the first draft, they feel like quitting. Let me tell you, its fricking hard. Just to get through the first effing chapter Is hard  for some people. Then comes the second draft. This is when they essentially rewrite the story. They’re usually pretty exhausted by this point. Sometimes there needs to be a third draft to perfect it, sometimes not. Most people don’t make it to this point, if they’re doing it properly. The whole thing is very tiring, for most people. There has probably only been one, if any, writers that have produced amazing work and found it easy.


Now imagine you’ve done all this. You’re extremely proud of what you’ve accomplished, and it would be very upsetting if someone stole it, simply to get praise for him or herself that was meant for you. Now imagine that you’re browsing through Movellas (maybe even Wattpad) and you come across a story with the same title. The story has a similar cover, even. You click on it, and realize that the cover is exactly the same, but with someone else’s name on it. Then you realize that the entire story is copied and pasted directly from your Movella. You decide to talk to the person first. You leave a comment on the story or perhaps their mumbles, warning them that you’ll report them if it’s not taken down and the true writer (you) is revealed. Comments from so called ‘fans’ of the plagiarist (usually fake accounts made by the plagiarist) rush in calling you ‘pathetic’ and an ‘attention-wh**e’


Just do us all a favor and think of how that would feel, okay?



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