Adopted By One Direction.

This story is about a girl named Tina. Tina's parent's left her at the orpahanage since she was 1 because they hated her. The problem was, Tina didnt know who her real parents actually were........


1. Orpanage ughh!!!

 Tina's P.O.V

         I miss my old life! Where I didn't have to live in this rusty old place. I don't know where my parents went. They just left me here in this dupster of an orphanage. Everybody here bothers me. My name is Tina Clutch. I am a huge fan of 1D! I'm so glad they have a concert here that's coming up soon! I'm gonna sneak out of this stupid orphanage and go to the concert.

* 5 days later

yes! it's finally the day of the concert! Ok, i have to think of a plan to sneak in..... hmmmmm.....I GOT IT! i could wait till everybody goes to bed and then i could jump out the window!

* That night

I'm finally at the concert! eep!!! I see the boys! i was singing a long to all the songs! I was having the most fun that a 16 year old orpan like me could ever have! it was awesome!!


* knowcks on Tina's door

nobody opened

oh, I'll just just walk in.

Nobody's in here! Security!!!!

Tina left the orphanage!

security- Where could she have gone?

i look out the window and see Tina walking in. Tina! YOUNG LADY!!!! where have you been!!!!???nobody ever said you can leave.

Tina's p.o.v

the stupid ugly lady was yelling at me again. All she really is is crap! She needs to learn to leave people to their business!

you're not the boss of me old woman! and i was at the one direction concert! what are you gonna do about it!?

orphanage keeper's p.o.v

 let me tell you what i'm going to do! i'm going to kick you out and never let you return!


tina's p.o.v

i felt tears roll down my eyes as i ran upstairs to pack my things. i wish i never talked back. actually i don't because i'm tired of that stupid lady always getting in my way! INCLUDING EVERY BODY ELSE HERE AT THIS DUMPSTER! UGHH   ! where am i going to go now? what am i going to do i ran outside covering my face. i ran and ran untill i couln't see the orphange any more. Then I saw a limo slow down and so did i. I wondered why and then i saw someone getting out of the limo and walking towards me....

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