Adopted By One Direction.

This story is about a girl named Tina. Tina's parent's left her at the orpahanage since she was 1 because they hated her. The problem was, Tina didnt know who her real parents actually were........


2. meeting the boys

                    i couldnt tell who was walking towards me because of the tears in my eyes. then i saw Liam! OMG! it was liam!!

liam- hey love., why are you crying? wait a minute....weren't you that girl at our concert?

"yeah," i said.

"well why are you crying?", liam said in a deep voice.

" well, because i got kicked out of the orphanage because i snuck out to go to the concert." , i said as Liam was wiping my tears away.

"why,d you do that?'', liam replyed.

because i love one direction and i wanted to go really bad.

liam- i mean, why'd you sneak out?

because they wouldn let me go if i had asked, i said as my eyes filled up with more and more tears.

liam- come on! you are not just going to live out here on the street! Do you have anywhere else to go?

no, well i wish i did.

liam- well come into the limo *liam said wiping my tears away

me- why?

liam- because you can stay with us from now on.

me- * a smile lit up on my face( and liam says that i have an adorable smile and then i blush)


LIAM- WE WERE FIGHTING  about who gets to come out here and get you.

me- awww! you guys are the best!

Liam's p.o.v. 

omg she's so hot and i felt so bad for her. im glad she'll be living with us from now on! she'll be like my little sister! :)

" old are you and what's your name?", i asked as we were walking towards the limo.

tina- im tina and im sixteen

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