Adopted By One Direction.

This story is about a girl named Tina. Tina's parent's left her at the orpahanage since she was 1 because they hated her. The problem was, Tina didnt know who her real parents actually were........


7. * at the studio *

Tina's P.O.V. yes! we're finally here! we walked in as paparazzi mobbed us. that was the only thing i disliked about being near one direction. they took tons of pictures and they started asking questions about who i was or making comments that i was trying to get attention but i became calm when zayn told me they're just jealous. we had sat down with simon cowell after security came and took the pap away. they were talking about a new record deal. it was extremely boring. i wanted to go back to the house but i didnt say anything. i just sat there and pretended i cared. * 1 hour later * yes!!! they're finally done!" okay so did you guys get the record deal or not?" Zayn: well, yeah, but we have to write 6 new songs before Saturday and today is Monday. I dont think we haven enough time. Could you help us a little? " sure, but tomorrow. " zayn: kayyy thanks! "no problemoooo"
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