Adopted By One Direction.

This story is about a girl named Tina. Tina's parent's left her at the orpahanage since she was 1 because they hated her. The problem was, Tina didnt know who her real parents actually were........


4. at "home"

we had gotten home i was soooooo excited!

"big brother,where's my room???!!!!", i said to Lou.

" it's upstairs but we still need to fix it all up so just sleep on the extra bed in my room for now" said lou.

"ok" i said excitedly.

tina's p.o.v.

The house was huge! including all of the rooms! i went into Louis' room and unpacked all of my stuff.

20 minutes later

Liam's P.O.V

Tina! come here! it's time for dinner!

Tina's p.o.v.

i walked into the kitchen having a starved look on my face. in front of me was a huge dining table made out of bronze and it looked like there was water inside of it. it looked so cool. i never had anything this fancy. the refrigerator looked very advanced and so did the stove. on the table there ws fried chicken and sweet chicken. 

" how did u guys know i love this?"

" who doesn't?'' Niall said.

back at the orphanage we never had food like this! I felt like a queen! i said goodnight to the boys, thanked them for everything and went to the bathroom.

I brushed my teeth with my one direction singing toothbrush and went off to bed.

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