Adopted By One Direction.

This story is about a girl named Tina. Tina's parent's left her at the orpahanage since she was 1 because they hated her. The problem was, Tina didnt know who her real parents actually were........


8. at home 5 months later

                   at home five months later



Tina's P.o.v.

"Harry! Door!"

niall: you get it!

harry: yeah!

" ughhhh fine "

I opened the door to find a man and lady standing there.

man and lady at the door- Hello, is Tina here?

" yeah, im Tina. Why what do you want?........BOYS!!!  COME HERE!

Tina's P.O.V.

i'm so scared. i wondered who they were i wanted the boys to come here as quick as possible!

the man and lady kind of look familiar but i dont care im still scared.

yes! liams here. the rest of the boys were being slow but they finally got here.

Liam- Tina, who is that?

Tina- I have no idea.... 

Liam's P.O.V.

o my lord. she was crying. i never saw her cry before. she looks so pretty even though she is crying. i wish i cold tell her that i love her but she thinks i only like her as a friend. what should i do to make her stop crying. oh,,,, ill give her a hug.

" tina, its okay everything will be fine.

Tina's P.o.V 

i felt liam stick a note in my pocket and i would check it later.

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