Amelia was just walking down the street, when she was kidnapped. She had just recovered from previous occurrences when this happened. She quietly detaches herself from herself, puts her shattered mind in a uncrackable shell of steel. Can her kidnappers draw her out of that shell and fix her? Will she find out their reasons for kidnapping her? Can she- or will she want to- escape? This is Amelia's story.


1. Chapter 1.

Emily's POV

It was a beautiful night. I was walking down the street, walking the single block it took me to get from Carly's house to mine. The stars shone brightly, un obscured by clouds, but, oddly, the moon was missing. I was slightly hunched over, but casually walking down the street. I love the night, the calmness, it let me even if for a short period of time, escape from everything.

   As I was strolling down the street, I heard the screech of tires interrupting the steadiness of the night. I glanced worriedly behind me and saw something that terrified me. A black jeep with tinted windows had stopped close behind me, and as I stood there frozen, the four doors started to open. I whipped my head back around, realizing I was in grave danger, I started to sprint as fas as I could towards my house. Not even 10 seconds later, I heard the pounding of multiple sets of feet behind me chasing relentlessly. No matter how fast I ran, they kept pace. I started to get tired and with a wave of despair, head the feet gaining on me. They were right behind me now. I felt a hand reach out and get a firm grip on the sleeve of my sweater.

   They jolted me backwards into their chest, and I felt a thundering anger, so much anger I just couldn't control it. My vision turned grey, clouding over with rage. I felt a scream building in the back of my throat, being constructed  with building blocks of pure, blood red anger. I went limp, my sudden weight surprising my captor, and I kicked back and hit their knee cap. 

"Fuck!" He exclaimed in pain. 

'I hope I broke that bastards kneecap.' I thought. He let go of me and I whirled around and kneed him where the sun don't shine. He fell to the ground in pain, and I leaped over his body towards freedom. I was running towards the woods and had made it in safely a couple hundred meters when I finally stopped to catch my breath. I didn't hear the sound of the branch breaking under someone's foot, but I did hear very clearly the cocking of a gun. I was a deer in the headlights, afraid to move.

    "Try to run, and I will blow your brains out." Coldly and dead serious announced a different voice then of the man I had escaped earlier. It was then it hit me, this isn't a dream, this isn't a story. I started shaking in fear when I heard the man walking towards my back. Suddenly arms wrapped around me and before I knew it I was handcuffed, gagged and thrown over the mans shoulder. I started wriggling around trying to get out of his hold when I felt one of his hands grab my butt. I froze. 

    "Good girl. Do NOT start wriggling around again or I might do something I won't regret later." He stated calmly. He started walking back towards the jeep, my upper body bouncing against his back with every step. All too quickly we arrived at the car. All the doors were closed except for one which he quickly walked towards. He lowered me roughly towards the opening and put me in the middle seat, placed in between him and who I quickly realized was the guy who I had beat down.    

    He was siting there holding his knee in pain. I inwardly smiled to myself. 'That should show him.'

"So you got the bitch? Good job Jones." I just stared at him blankly. The man who had got me, who I now knew as "Jones" just slid in beside me. Next thing I knew the jeep was speeding off, towards only god knows what. I had to escape reality for awhile, so I forced myself to sleep. 

Cole's POV

I placed her, kind of roughly in to the car, but who cares, that girl had been a pain in the ass.

"So you got the bitch? Good job Jones." Lucas congratulated me. I nodded while the girl just stared at Lucas, looking detached. I was slightly puzzled as to why she wasn't fighting tooth and nail like she did earlier, but was completely dumbfounded when she went to sleep. Went to sleep! The girl had just been kidnapped and she goes to sleep! This girl is crazy. I just gave Lucas a look, which he returned. 

"Samuel, how long till we get there?" I asked. 

"Roughly three hours." He replied curtly. I gave him a nod to show I heard and leaned back, and before I knew it I was asleep, wanting the three house it took to get to the house in the woods we had set up.



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