Tomorrow is a better day


4. Two months



    Ever since that night they couldn't stop talking, every night before she went to sleep he would be on the phone and they’d fall asleep together. Jeffrey would come over with Jim while Jane was over. they’d all sit down and watch tv all day. the nights its rained and Amanda was home alone because she usually was now, Jeffrey would come over and stay over. She cherished those nights.

One rainy night Amanda came home to just her dog and sighd as she read the not from her mom “Manda, sorry but your father and I went to boston for the week and we wont be back anytime soon, daddy left you 300 dollers for whatever you want. We’ll go shopping some other time. love mommy P.s i love you”

“Typical they wouldnt be home” Amanda said, she dialed Jeffreys number

“hello” he sounded like he was sleeping

“baby, did i wake you?” Amanda asked

“Yeah you did, its cool wassup?” Jeffrey said

“Can you come over and stay the night please” Amanda asked

“Yeah i will, I’ll be over in a bit” Jeffrey said “You want anything”

“Naa i have to run to the store so can you be over and an hour and a half” Amanda said

“Yeah, call me when your getting home” Jeffrey said

“Okaay go back to sleep, sleepyhead” Amanda teased

“I will bye” Jeffrey said and went back to sleep. Amanda had a plan for him tonight since she had the whole house to herself and they had been talking for two months now. she wanted to make him, hers. She wanted to have him entirely.

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