Tomorrow is a better day


6. The exes


The sun the was shining and Jeffrey was still under her, she smiled and thought about the night before then she realized she was still naked and she got up and put on her bra and panties then took Jeffrey’s shirt and went to go brush her teeth, she felt brand new like a whole new person. She checked her phone there were about 7 texts from Jane asking her how was her night and what had happened. Amanda smiled and figured Jane wouldn’t be mad if she answered her later. She stared at herself in the mirror for a while trying to figure out what was different besides not being a virgin anymore. Jeffrey came behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“You look sexy in my shirt” Jeffrey said, Amanda smiled

“Good morning baby” Amanda said turning around and leaning against the sink. Jeffrey kissed her and kept kissing her, she could feel the same rise she had the night before but she was sore and didn’t want to be sorer. “Baby, stop it”

“Alright” Jeffrey smiled “So I was think Denny’s for breakfast”

“Yes! Please I’m starving” Amanda said

“Alright go get dress babe” Jeffrey said slapping her butt as she walked away she jumped and laughed. She blast music in her room while Jeffrey brushed.

“Babe!” Jeffrey yelled

“Whaatt!?” Amanda called out

“Come shower with me please” Jeffrey said

“Shower?” Amanda whispered and walked to the bathroom “shower?”

“Yeah babe like two people in the shower together” Jeffrey said

“Um, I’ve never showered with someone else” Amanda said confused

“I’ve already seen you naked, forgot” Jeffrey said

“But that was the bedroom this is the bathroom everything is exposed” Amanda said Jeffrey laughed and grabbed her and took off her shirt and bra

“After you” Jeffrey said

"But" Amanda said

"But nothing" Jeffrey said Amanda giggled a little and jumped in the shower with him. Her eye widen seeing him completely naked was a surprise to her. He was so fine. She let the water run down her body as Jeffrey pressed his body against hers and kissed her neck. She moaned a little then giggled a little

"I thought we were suppose to be taking a shower" She said 

"We are, turn around" Jeffrey said. 









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