Tomorrow is a better day


5. Here’s to tonight


“Yer” Jim answered the phone

“Bro i got to talk to you” Jeffrey said

“Wassup you sound like scared” Jim said

“How do you know your in love with someone” Jeffrey asked, Jim smiled on the other line

“I’d never thought you’d ask” Jim said “if you think about her all the time, you never get enough of her that every second away from her hurts, it when you hold her you never want to let her go it when you kiss her you want to make love to her for the rest of your life but cant because you think its beyond too early but till have the eage to its when you see her and you look into her eyes and cant believe shes yours and tell her the three magic words ‘i love you’”

“Crazy thats how i feel, i think im going to tell her tonight i have to” Jeffrey said

“Do it, she deserves it, me and jane already exchanged i love you shes everything to me” Jim said

“I know bro” Jeffrey said

      Amanda called Jeffrey to come over an hour later. when jeffrey arrived amanda was cooking. he went up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“I’ve missed you baby” jeffrey said. she turned and wrapped her arms around his neck

“me too” she said and kissed him.

“so why you cooking, whats the special occasion” Jeffrey asked

“Just because, what can’t cook” Amanda said

“No it’s not that, we usually order food” Jeffrey said

“Yeah I know I just wanted to cook and bake” Amanda said, Jeffrey lend against the counter

“You baked?” he asked

“Yeah brownies” Amanda said and walked towards him and lend her body against his “I have a surprise for you later”

“Oh?” Jeffrey said raising his eyebrows. Amanda giggled and went to the stove continuing to cook.

“Baby set up the table, Jane and Jim are coming over” Amanda said

“I thought it was just me and you” Jeffrey said grabbing plates

“Yeah, it was supposed to be but we have the rest of the night” Amanda sighed

“What’s wrong” Jeffrey asked

“Jane’s parents are fighting again and she doesn’t want to be there” Amanda said

“Damn, where she staying at?” Jeffrey asked

“With Jim, she wants to take it to the next level with him” Amanda said

“Oh really, this should be a pretty interesting conversation with Jim tomorrow” Jeffrey said

Amanda laughed because she knew it was true.

           A couple of hours later Amanda and Jeffrey were laughing and joking around. Amanda sitting on the counter and Jeffrey in between her legs, when Jane and Jim walking in. Jane’s cheeks were bright red and puffy and Jim looked pissed. Amanda didn’t notice so quickly “What took ya so- what happened!?” Amanda said jumping off the counter and grabbing Jane’s arm.

“My dad hit my mom and when I saw it I got in between it and Jim was already there, so when he hit me, Jim punched him and it was this whole thing. My mom kicked my dad out and—she never finished she started crying and all Amanda could do was hold her close and cry with her. Jeffrey and Jim just stared at them.

“Baby girl you know you can always stay here with me and my mom” Amanda said in-between tears

“Yeah, I know it just sucks you know, I don’t deserve this” Jane said crying lightly now

“You don’t, but common I made food lets turn this day around okay” Amanda said

“Okay” Jane said getting up and hugging Jim

“Look bitch you made me cry” Amanda laughed, Jane let out a small laugh as well.

“Lets eat I’m hungry” Jeffrey said trying to lighten up the mood

“Please big guy needs to eat” Jim said

Amanda and Jane smiled and put the food on the table. They all were silent till they all finished eating then I noise began. They started laugh and joking around. Jane and Amanda got to washing the dishes while the boys started watching the game.

“So girl what’s going on tonight” Jane asked

“Imma tell him, and I’m going to make love to him I have to. I love him so much” Amanda said

“Yeah, tonight is going to be the first time Jim and I are doing it too but he doesn’t know” Jane said

“Seriously?” Amanda asked shocked

“Hard to believe huh” Jane said

“Very, I thought ya had sex at least seventeen times already” Amanda said smiling, Jane pushed her

“He’s tried believe me It hasn’t been easy for neither of us” Jane said

“Well you better be worth the wait” Amanda said

“Please do you know who I am” Jane said, Amanda stepped back and mimicked a royal bow

“yes princess Jane” Amanda and Jane started laughing and Jane hit her with a towel and Amanda ran from her passing the guys

“What’s going on” Jeffrey asked laughing at them being ridiculous

“Jeff grab your girl I got mine” Jim said grabbing Jane keeping her there and Jeffrey grabbed Amanda and she struggled to get out

“That’s not fair” Amanda said looking up at him “your stronger”. They all laughed and then Jim announced it was getting late so him and Jane left. It was pretty late it was almost 11 pm.

“Okay so kitchen is done and so is the table now I want to talk to you” Amanda said

“Yeah me too” Jeffrey said

“Lets go upstairs and talk, in my room” Amanda said

“Alright” Jeffrey said

           They went upstairs and sat on Amanda’s bed, Jeffrey grabbed her hand.

“Baby, these two month have been amazing, I wish I know exactly how to say this but babe I cant stop thinking about you, all day I wonder, damn what is Manda doing right now, is she okay then I remember your warm welcoming kisses that I love so much that amazing new york and company perfume that you always wear” he paused and Amanda just stared at him her eyes getting bigger but the minute “god, this is hard, babe I’ve fallen madly in love with you, ive been wanting to tell you for so long- Amanda kissed him

“I love you baby” Amanda said

“You do?” Jeffrey said

“Yes, I wanted to tell you for such a long time and every time I had my chance I chickened out. Your amazing in every way, I love how no matter how busy you find the time of the day to at least call me to say hey, I love how when your watching a game you get all loud and bossy and I have to remind you I’m here too, I love how when were together its all about me and you. I love everything about you, I would never want to change you” Amanda said all Jeffrey could do was kiss her and keep repeating I love you in her ear. “Baby make love to me” Amanda said in between a kiss. With no hisation he started unbuttoning her blouse and let it slid slowly down her tan arms and kissed her neck then her collarbone. Amanda went up his shirt and slowly slid it off him. He picked her up and she went with the rhythm and wrapped her legs tightly around his waist and kept kissing him as he sat on top of the bed and had her on top. He kissed her neck while letting her hair loose. His fingers found their way around he curves touching every inch of her back and making her shiver. she tilted her head back letting out a little moan. he laid her down kissing her upper body till he reached her pants.

“are you sure?” Jeffrey asked

“Yeah, I am” Amanda said. He let loose her belt and took off her pants. She was wearing laced panties, Jane’s choice. Jeffrey kept kissing down her legs making her tremble which made me smile. He came back up and Amanda took off his jeans with her foot and then his underwear. She had never seen a guy’s penis before and to her he was huge and extremely hard. She almost panicked. He took a deep breath and took off her bra and panties and went under the covers. He figured her at first and sees how much she could handle which wasn’t much. She was a pure virgin; he had experience but never with a virgin. He was scared he wouldn’t pull out on time but he pushed all those thoughts to the side. He stopped kissing her and looked at her

“I’m going to take it easy okay” Jeffrey said, Amanda’s eyes were wide with fear but she noddled. He went in and she twitched “damn your so tight babe” he moaned

Amanda screamed at the first stroke, she didn’t know what to do at first where to put her hand how to react but her body did that for her. She felt a sense of pleasure she had literally never felt before. At first it was pain terrible pain but then she felt it. Exactly what Jane explained the sensation of heaven to her. Jeffrey let his body fall on hers and she wrapped her legs around him and buried her nails into his back every time he speeded up. They moved as one something Amanda didn’t know you could do with someone else. She loved his weight on her and she didn’t want it to stop she love it but just as she came Jeffrey came 30 seconds later and pulled out and got himself clean and laided next to her. She put her head on his chest trying to analysis what had just happened but all she could say was

“That was amazing”

    Jeffrey laughed at her remark and kissed her forhead

“You sleepy baby” he asked

“Yeah, am i suppose to be” Amanda asked, she was so naive when it came to this but Jeffrey just smiled.

“yeah you are, but everybody is different you know” he said

“actually i don't but okay” she said

“you’ve never had an intercourse before not even oral?” Jeffrey asked her

“nope” she said

“wow your an angel” jeffrey laughed

“Not really forgot i be gettin high all the time” Amanda said

“so? that natural” jeffrey said

“i guess so. i feel so bad now” Amanda and Jeffrey laughed

Jeffrey laughed at her remark and kissed her forehead

“You sleepy baby” he asked

“Yeah, am i supposed to be” Amanda asked, she was so naive when it came to this but Jeffrey just smiled.

“Yeah you are, but everybody is different you know” he said

“Actually i don't but okay” she said

“You’ve never had an intercourse before not even oral?” Jeffrey asked her

“Nope” she said

“Wow you’re an angel” Jeffrey laughed

“Not really forgot i be getting high all the time” Amanda said

“So? that natural” Jeffrey said

“I guess so. i feel so bad now” Amanda and Jeffrey laughed

“Go to sleep” Jeffrey said. Amanda cuddled up closer and fell asleep till the next morning.


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