Tomorrow is a better day


3. Carnival


“Jane” Amanda poked at her

“What?” Jane Answered

“Who is that” Amanda asked

“I dont know but he’s cute” She said then grabbed Amanda's arm “Oh my god, it faith, its Jim, how do i look”

“Great, but let him come to you” Amanda said “play it cool”

“Your right, lets get fried oreos” Jane said, Amanda nodded but didnt take her eyes off Jeffrey.

    Jeffrey kept staring at her, he had never felt like this before and he was going out his damn mind trying to figure out what it was.

“Yo, bro you good” Jim asked

“Yeah, I’m good” Jeffrey said

“You staring at that girl pretty damn hard if you ask me” Jim said

“Do you know her” Jeffrey asked

“Yeah thats Jane’s best friend Amanda Vasquez” Jim told him “I’ve been crushing on Jane like forever now”

“Yeah bro, I know, everytime you play her you turn into a baby” Jeffrey said

“Shut up, I dont” Jim said

“Bet, i wanna go talk to her” Jeffrey said

“Alright, I’ll go with you” Jim said

    They walked towards the girls. They had their backs facing them laughing and joking around, just when Jim was about to speak they turned around. Jim was speechless and Jeffrey was lost of words.

“Umm, hi” Jane said. Amanda didnt move she just looked at Jeffrey, she was stunning, no that was an understatement, gorgeous was the correct term. She bit her lip then spoke.

“I’m Amanda and you are” extending her hand

“Jeffrey, Jeffrey Hernandez” Jeffrey said, his hand met hers they both feel a small rush

“Amanda Vasquez, nice to met you” She said letting go of his hand

“Where do you go to school at?” He asked

“Jefferson High Academy, I’m a senior this year” Amanda said.

“I go to Jefferson High Academy and I’m a senior” Jeffrey said stunned

“I’ve never seen you before but i do recognize your name” Amanda said “Jane do you... Jane?”  Jane and Jim had walked away and we’re talking to each other, both Jeffrey and Amanda laughed.

“That was fast” They both said

“That’s your girl” Jeffrey asked

“My best friend for 12 years now” AManda said

“Thats a long time” Jeffrey said

“It is, what is Jim to you” Amanda asked

“Best friend, Bro, I’d kill for that nigga” Jeffrey said

Amanda smiled “Thats good”

“You have a pretty smile” He said ‘The fuck i just said that for, she probably think I’m a corn’ he thought

Amanda blushed “thank you, i think your really cute” she bit her lip ‘did i just say that’ she thought

“Thanks you are too hun” Jeffrey said

‘Hun?” she thought, she just smiled

“You want to go on the drop?” Jeffrey asked

“Yeah sure” Amanda said

“Alright i got you” Jeffrey said

“You sure? i can pay myself” Amanda said

“Na, i want to” Jeffrey said

“Okay, thank you” Amanda said

“Don't worry about it” Jeffrey said. He paid for the both of them and they went on the ride. When they got off, they were both laughing.

“I couldn't breath for a couple seconds” Amanda said in the middle of laughing

“Me either, they trying to give people heart attacks” Jeffrey said

“The one at six flags is worst” Amanda said

“Hell yeah” Jeffrey said “Maybe one day we can go together”

“Yeah with Jane and Jim, just tell me when” Amanda said

“Let me see your phone” Jeffrey said. She pulled out her iphone 3gs and took the code out and passed it to him.

“OH! Rich ass” Jeffrey said

“How is that rich” Amanda asked

“iPhone 3 just came out” He said

“and i had the first one and i just got my upgrade” Amanda explained

“Oh, i feel stupid” He said putting his number in her phone and gave it back to her “text me”

“I will” Amanda said “done”

He pulled out his phone and saved her number.

“Where’s Jane and Jim?” He asked “its been awhile”

“It has, lets go find them” Amanda said. They started searching for them and when they found them, they were making out on the ferris wheel.

“Really?” Amanda said shaking her head

“Thats my boy, he’s been crushing on her for ode long now” Jeffrey said, Amanda looked at him surprised.

“Jane has been crushing on him like forever now” Amanda said, Jeffrey rose his eyebrow at her

“He thought she didn't like him thats why he always played her” Jeffrey said.

“Well he thought wrong, she’s head over heels for him” Amanda said

“What about you? are you head over heels for anybody” Jeffrey asked

“Wow, that was a corny way to ask if i was single” Amanda said, Jeffrey made a face “But yeah i am for about 3 years now”

“Damn why?” Jeffrey asked

“No time, especially now” Amanda said

“No time or you just want to sleep, which one” Jeffrey asked

“Both i need my beauty rest” Amanda said. Jeffrey laughed.

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