Tomorrow is a better day


1. 2008 summer (Girls)




“Ugh, I’m so sick and tired of working” Amanda said to her best friend Jade

“Girl, your telling me, its like the money i make goes straight to gas” Jade complained

“Well your car is shitty” Amanda said

“Yeah, says the girl that has an 2007 SI Civic” Jade said

Amanda laughed “stop hating”

“Hating on what? My car looks better” Jade said

“Mine runs better and watch when i hook it up, its going to look sexy as fuck” Amanda said

“I’m not worried” Jade said, she turned to the mirror of her room “I so regret cutting my hair”

“I regret turning blonde, I’m going to the salon soon” Amanda said

“Take me with you, i want layers” Jane said

“Tanbien” Amanda said

“Youre so spanish” Jade said     

“Well you know puerto ricans do it better” Amanda said

“Please Dominicans do it better, don't start” Jade said.

“All i know is that we some bad ass looking best friends that are hungry and want carnival food” Amanda said

Jade laughed “fatass”

“We are taking my car” Amanda said

“Comon your shit is stick shift I hate your car” Jade said

“Yet mine runs better on gas hmm.. I win” Amanda said. Jade made a face and they walked out of Jade’s house.

    Jade and Amanda have been best friends since kindergarden. They went to school in the Bronx up to 8th grade when Jade moved to New Jersey and freshman year Amanda moved a block away from her. They just finished up their Junior year in Jefferson High Academy and were on to their senior year. Both girls were straight A students and performers. Their school had the worst drama department but an amazing cheerleading team. the team won every championship every year since they’ve been on and most likely before that too. They have an amazing friendship.

    They went to perkins to eat and they ordered.

“Yo, i swear to god if i dont find a guy today, i dont know what imma do, I’ve been single too long” Amanda said

“All i want is Jim” Jade said

“You still crushing on that nigga” Amanda said

“Yeah he keeps leading me on, I hate that shit” Jade said sadden

“So why you keep putting yourself through it” Amanda asked

“Because he’s simply amazing” Jade smiled

“Amazingly tall if you ask me” Amanda said

“Manda!” Jade cried

“What!? The nigga is six foot one, that’s too fucking tall fuck all that” Amanda said

“You don't understand” Jade said

“I do, girl you know i do, just remember no nigga is worth your tears” Amanda said

“Yeah i know” Jade said “i hope i see him tonight”

Amanda smiled “I miss Trevor sometime, i always reminisce on memories that we have”

“He put you through so much Manda” Jade said

“Yeah i know, but we spent so long together and i learned so much from him, i hope whoever i met next treats me better” Amanda said

“Your only 17 girl” Jane said

“Yeah i know, i can't wait till June, Graduation and 18th birthday” Amanda said

“My birthday is first” Jane said

“I know i know” Amanda said

“So i havent told you” Jane said

“Told me what?” Amanda asked

“My parents are splitting up” Jane said

“What? Why?” Amanda asked

“They’ve been fighting for months and my dad left a week ago and told my mom he wanted a divorce” She stopped “I really haven't been home much, i actually dont want to be there, they’ve always been together since i was little, i dont understand”

Amanda took her hand “You're not suppose to understand, your suppose to accept it and mind your own”

“I wish is was that easy” Jane whispered

“Nobody said it was easy’ Amanda said “I dont have a father, he left us when i was just a baby so i cant tell you what you can and cannot do, you know? Just stay strong”

“Yeah, you never spoke about it” Jane said

“I dont like to, hes stupid, we are better off without him” Amanda said

“Your sound angry” Jane said

“I am, like what kind of man are you that you leave your family and then dont talk to your kid till their 16, like fuck out my face man” Amanda said angrily.

“Yeah, i hope my dad will stick around for me and my little brother” Jane said

“Yeah he’s only five, hopefully he sticks around for him” Amanda said “I swear i sometimes feel like i dont belong”

“You do belong your my best friend, obviously you have a purpose in this world” Jane said

“Yeah i guess, i love you” Amanda said

“I love you too” Jane smiled. Amanda smiled too and saw the waiter coming with their food.

“Ahhhh, finally !” Amanda cried

“Are you really that hungry” Jane asked

“I havent ate in three days” Amanda said

“Why” Jane asked

“Cause i work all day then i go home and shower and go to bed i dont be having time, I’m so happy i have the weekend off” Amanda said

“Oh okay, and i do too” Jane said

“Yay! Lets make it a best friend weekend” Amanda said

“We havent done that in a while” Jane said

“Busy, busy, busy” Amanda said stuffing food in her mouth.


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