Tomorrow is a better day


2. 2008 summer (boys)

2008 Summer (the boys)

“Ma, give me my fucking car keys” Jeffrey yelled

“Why you need the car” she yelled

“It’s my car, fuck you mean why i need the car?” Jeffrey snapped

“Take your sister” she said

“No, she can stay her ass home” Jeffrey said

“Then you anit going nowhere” she said

“Why i gotta take her for?” he asked

“She hasnt been out much, just take her” she said

“Ugh, fine just give me my keys i gotta pick up Jim” he said

“And what get high?” she asked, Jeffrey took the keys and kissed her cheek.

“You know me so well” He smiled and walked out the door. he call Jim on the way to his house.

“Yoo” Jim answered

“I’m almost there got held up with my mom” Jeffrey said

“What you do now?” Jim asked

“NOthing she wants me to take stacy out” Jeffrey said

“For what?” Jim asked

“Man i dont even know” Jeffrey said “I’m outside” he hung up and a minute later Jim was in the car.

“Where we going” Jim asked

“Well since we gotta take stacy, carnival” Jeffrey said

“Alright” Jim said

“I want to get smacked before we go” Jeffrey said

“Na after” Jim said

“Oh, yeah stacy, i forgot” Jeffrey said

“how you forget so quickly?” Jim asked

“I dont even know” Jeffrey said

“You be tweaking” Jim said

“Hell yeah man” Jeffrey said

“So some shit went down between that nigga Trey you dont like and me” Jim said

“Where at?” Jeffrey said

“Courts, he was popping off mad shit, so i broke that nigga’s jaw, now he know better” Jim said

“AHHH, thats my son!” Jeffrey said “I swear that nigga can talk with no facts and he be wondering why people don't like his pussy ass”

“Dead fucking ass” Jim said. They arrived at Jeffreys house and stacy got in the car and they blasted music.

    Jim and Jeffrey had been best friends since they met back in 7th grade. Football and basketball were the sports they both love. They both attended Jefferson High Academy and were senior this coming fall. They were the biggest trouble maker and players anybody had ever met. They never took girls seriously, none of them reach their standards. They never planned on getting serious with a girl anyway. They were bro’s.

They arrived at the carnival and stacy ran off to her friends. Jeffrey like always was hungry and was looking for food but instead spotted Amanda.  

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