Little Harry

He's only four years old. His life wasn't meant to end like this. My baby. My son. Gone. Forever.


5. Chapter 5

Harry and Zayn are sleeping softly in my arms. Zayn is holding Harry's hand tightly. A small smile makes it's way onto my face. I look over at the clock on the wall. It's 9:30 pm. I feel tired. Drained. I know that I won't be able to sleep because my mind is still running a million miles an hour. I don't want to leave Harry and Zayn.

Harry shifts softly in my arms letting out a quiet breath and curling into my chest. I gently brush his hair out of his face. I lean back against Harry and Zayn's bed and close my eyes. I begin to drift off into a restless, dreamless sleep. 

"Daddy? Daddy?" I wake to someone gently shaking my shoulder. "Daddy wake up!" It's Harry. I rub my eyes sleeply. "Hey baby what's wrong?" "My tummy hurts daddy and I don't feel good." I'm wide awake instantly. Harry's pale and shivering. "It's ok baby, it's ok." I tell Harry as I gently pick up a still sleeping Zayn and gently place him on his bed. "Daddy." Harry whimpers. I pick him up and rub cicles into his back as I take him into the bathroom. 

I pull up the toilet seat just as Harry starts to throw up. "Shh. It's ok." Harry coughs slightly as tears start to fall from his eyes. Blood. Blood everywhere. "Daddy" Harry whimpers softly. He's losing consciousness. "Harry baby stay with me don't close your eyes. Don't close them baby." I say as a panic take over me. Harry's eyes are rolling into the back of his head. I pick him up and scramble to find my phone. My fingers fumble over the numbers as I punch them in.

"Police, Fire or ambulance?" The voice on the other end of the phone asks. "I need an ambulance and quick. My son was recently diagnosed with Primitive Neuro Ectodermal Tumours. He just threw up blood and he's lost consciousness." I say in a rush. "Please please help. Quickly." "It's ok Sir. Everything is gonna be fine. Take a deep breath. I need your address and an ambulance will be dispatched immediately."

I manage to stutter out my address. My heart pounding in my chest. I sit on the floor with Harry in my arms. His eyelids are fluttering revealing the whites of his eyes. I hear a little pitter patter of foot steps followed by a gasp. "Daddy!" Zayn exclaims. "What's wrong with Harry?" "He's not well sweetie. An ambulance is on its way." I hear the sirens wailing in the distance getting closer by the second. "Zayn can you do something for Daddy?" "What is it?" Zayn asks worry clear in his eyes.

"Can you open the door for Daddy?" Zayn nods and quickly hurries to the door as the ambulance pulls up into our drive way. "In here!" Zayn says as he leads the paramedics into the room. A man with brown hair and blue eyes takes Harry out of my arms and gently lays him on the floor. "He's burning up." Then says to his female associate. "His blood pressure is high and his heart rate is up. We need to get him to the hospital and fast. You said he was diagnosed with PNET on the phone?" The woman confirms with me. "Yes I did." "He's exhibiting signs of organ failure. His brain is under a lot of pressure due to the tumours. They need to be removed immediately."

"We'll admit him into emergency then an oncologist will see to him. I'm very sorry for all that has happened." The woman picked Harry up and took him to the ambulance placing him on the bed inside. I grabbed Zayn and the keys to my car. "Wait I don't understand. What's going on?" I asked. Everything is happening so fast. "The oncologist will explain at the hospital." The man says before closing the doors to the ambulance.

"Daddy?" Zayn asks. "It's ok cupcake. We're gonna go to the hospital and everything is gonna be ok." I reassure Zayn as well as myself. Everything is a blur as I strap Zayn into his booster seat and run round the the divers sear forcing the keys into the ignition. A sinking feeling claws it's way into the pit of my stomach as I pull into the hospital car park. The man and woman from the ambulance are pulling the gurney out of the ambulance. I can see Harry's tiny body so pale. Almost blending into the stark white sheets.

I pull the keys out of the car and quickly grab Zayn. I sit him on my hip and practically run inside. Doctors are rushing around in a frenzy. "Where's my son?" I ask to the various doctors. "WHERE'S MY SON!?!"

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