Little Harry

He's only four years old. His life wasn't meant to end like this. My baby. My son. Gone. Forever.


4. Chapter 4

I tuck a sleeping Harry and Zayn into bed kissing both of them on their foreheads before I turn off the light and gently close the door. I sigh to myself running my fingers through my hair. I'm emotionally exhausted. Looks like it's gonna be an early night for me too. Although I don't know how much sleep I'll be able to get. I still haven't called the hospital. I've been putting it off. I sigh again grabbing my phone deciding that I better call them now.


I dial the number for the hospital and on the third ring the receptionist on the other side picks up. "Hello this is the Doncaster District Hospital. How may I  help you today?" "Hi I'm Louis Tomlinson. Can you please put me through to Doctor Jonathan Clark?" "The oncologist?" The lady on the other end of the phone asks. "Yes." "May I enquire as to why?" "M-my son H-Harry.." It's all I can manage to get out. Everything is still raw. The lady on the other end of the phone catches on. "Oh. Well I'm sorry for your loss. I'll put you through now." "HE"S NOT DEAD YET!" I scream. I-I can't let my baby die. And to hear someone so bluntly state that Harry's already dead..I-I.. I'm suddenly being pulled from my thoughts from a deep male voice from my phone. "Hello Mister Tomlinson? Are you there?" "What? Oh yeah. Sorry. Just faded out for a minute. Yeah I'm here." "What can I do you for Mister Tomlinson?" "Can Harry stay home tonight? He's really scared and doesn't want to go back to the hospital." "Hmm, Well I suppose that's fine although Harry will have to come back to the hospital tomorrow to start treatment. Have you decided on what you want to do yet?"


"Uh-uh..I-I don't know.. Nothing painful.. Oh gosh he's just a child." I say the last part more to myself. "I know that this is very hard Mister Tomlinson but don't worry early detection is key and as you know we have found the tumour. May I suggest surgery followed by either chemo therapy or radio therapy? It's the safest option for someone as young as Harry." Just as I'm about to answer I hear the soft creak of a door. I look over to see Harry and Zayn half hiding behind their now open bedroom door in their Iron Man and Hulk pyjamas. I open my arms as I sit down on the rug on the floor. Harry and Zayn come over and I gently sit the both in my lap wrapping one arm around them protectively. "I guess that sounds ok. When will the surgery take place if I do go ahead with this?" "The sooner the better." Doctor Clark says. "This is all moving so fast.." I say still not over the fact that my baby is sick. "I know Mister Tomlinson, I know. But don't worry your son is in safe hands. Unfortunately I have to go now but I'll see you tomorrow. Goodbye Mister Tomlinson."


"Goodbye Doctor." I say before hanging up. I sigh as I put my phone down beside me and wrap my other arm around my kids. I look down at them to see Harry looking at the floor still holding Zayn's hand tightly. "Daddy?" Zayn asks softly. "Yes cupcake?" "What are those meanies gonna do to Harry?" A tiny whimper escapes Harry's lips. I slip a finger under Harry's chin and gently tilt it up. Harry's crying. His big green eyes filled with fear and tears as he looks up at me. I hug him tightly to my chest and do the same with Zayn. "They're not gonna hurt you baby. I won't let them hurt you. The doctors are just gonna help you get better. I'll be here the whole time and so will Zayn. I know you're scared but don't worry baby, Daddy's got you."


Harry buries his head into my chest clutching my shirt tightly. I break the news to Harry. "We have to go back to the hospital tomorrow baby." Harry's head shoots up. "No daddy no! I don't want to!" "Sh baby I know you don't want to but we have to." My chest aches as I see my baby so scared and afraid. Harry looks away as another tear rolls down his cheek. I go to gently wipe it away but Harry stops my hand pushing in back. He sniffles before climbing out of my arms and going over to pick up his teddy bear. Harry hugs it tightly before walking back to his room, pulling the door shut behind him. He's just a baby. So scared and confused. I pick Zayn up and sit him on my hip and go over to his bedroom. I push open the door and look around. I can't see Harry. Where has he gone? Suddenly I hear a little sniffle from underneath the bed. I sit down leaning back against the bed with Zayn in my lap. "Come on Harry." I say softly. "It's ok." "I'm scared daddy." Harry's tiny voice whispers. Then I remember something that always calms Harry and Zayn down if they ever get scared. A lullaby. I sing softly.

"Lullaby, and good night,
 With pink roses bedight,
 With lilies o'erspread,
 Is my baby's sweet head.
 Lay you down now, and rest,
 May your slumber be blessed!
 Lay you down now, and rest,
 May thy slumber be blessed!

Lullaby, and good night,
 You're your father's delight,
 Shining angels beside
 My darling abide.
 Soft and warm is your bed,
 Close your eyes and rest your head.
 Soft and warm is your bed,
 Close your eyes and rest your head.

Sleepyhead, close your eyes.
 Father's right here beside you.
 I'll protect you from harm,
 You will wake in my arms.
 Guardian angels are near,
 So sleep on, with no fear.
 Guardian angels are near,
 So sleep on, with no fear.

Lullaby, and sleep tight.
 Hush! My darling is sleeping,
 On his sheets white as cream,
 With his head full of dreams.
 When the sky's bright with dawn,
 He will wake in the morning.
 When noontide warms the world,
 He will frolic in the sun."

Harry's soft sniffles have stopped as he crawls out from underneath the bed. I pull him into my arms and look down to see Zayn is half asleep. He gives me a sleepy smile. "I like it when you sing daddy." He says quietly. I smile back at him kissing his hair. I tuck Harry into my chest. "I'll always protect you both. Always. Tonight nothing can harm you. Go to sleep. Tomorrow is a new day..."


*Author's note*

Hey guys how do you like the new chapter? KInda short and filler-y I know. Lots of fluff! I know you guys are probably mad at me for not updating I'm mad at me for not updating as well. Still a lot of bad crap going on in my life so that's why I haven't updated. I need a hug and gummy bears right now so I'll leave it there. Have a good day/night my lovelies. Love you. XX. MCS.


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