Little Harry

He's only four years old. His life wasn't meant to end like this. My baby. My son. Gone. Forever.


3. Chapter 3



I decide to take the boys out to MacDonald’s for lunch. I know its unhealthy and the boys had ice cream before but since Harry is about to get really sick really fast I may as well treat him and Zayn. Harry is holding my hand trying to keep up with me as Zayn is running ahead opening one of the big glass doors. Or trying to at least. I chuckle as I help Zayn open the door. I pick Harry up and take Zayn’s hand. It’s very busy in here. “Zayn, stay close.” I say not wanting to lose him in the sea of people.


“Do you to want a Happy Meal for lunch?” I ask stepping out of the way of a man wearing a fluorescent orange vest. “Yes please daddy.” Harry replies with a big smile. “Zayn?” “Yes please.” He beams happily. I simle. “Alright let’s go order.” I stand in line with Zayn still holding my hand and Harry on my hip. Finally it’s my turn to order.  “Two Happy Meals and a cheeseburger please.” The lady at the register takes my order and I switch the drinks to lemonade. Once I get our food I find a booth at the back of the restaurant. I put the food down onto the freshly cleaned white table and sit Harry down. Zayn climbs into the seat opposite looking at the food like he hasn't eaten in months. I chuckle to myself and slip into the booth beside Harry, crawls over to me and sits in my lap.


I hand the boys their Happy Meals and unwrap my cheeseburger. I pinch a chip from Zayn when I think he's not looking and quickly pop it in my mouth. Harry giggles seeing me pinch Zayn's chip. "Hey!" Zayn laughs. "Daddy that's my chippy!" I laugh and so does Harry. "It's my chippy now." I say. Zayn pokes his tongue out at me and I copy his actions. "Hey daddy 'cuz you stole one of my chippies can I have a bite of your food?" A small smile creeps it's way onto my lips. "I don't know Zayn. Can you have a bite of my food?" "Yes?" He offers. I chuckle and hand my burger over to Zayn and he takes the biggest bite he could. Which isn't very big at all.


"Can I have a bite too daddy?" Harry asks . "Yes sweetie you can have a bite." I smile as I ruffle Harry's curls. Harry smiles up at me as Zayn hands me back my burger. I hold my burger as Harry tries to copy Zayn by taking a big bite. I chuckle to myself. I continue eating my food as I watch Harry and Zayn play with their little toys they got with their Happy Meals. I finish my food I am about to ask the boys whether they are ready to go when Harry speaks up with a yawn.


"Daddy I'm sleepy." He says rubbing his eyes. "I'm not!" Zayn announces with a big smile. I smile back. "Ok well do you two want to go back to the hospital, and Harry you can have a little lie down." "No! Daddy no! I want to go home! I want to sleep with you!" Harry starts to panic. "Please daddy I want to go home." Harry's bottom lip starts to quiver as his eyes fill with tears. "Sh, sweetie. It's ok. Everything's ok. I'll call the hospital and see if we can stay the night at home Ok?" I say soothing Harry as I tuck him into my chest.


Harry sniffles as he looks up at me. I gently wipe away his tears and hold him tight. "You promise daddy? Do you pinkie promise?" Harry asks as he sticks out his tiny pinkie finger. I swallow the lump in my throat. I haven't spoken to the hospital yet. I don't know whether the doctors will let me take Harry home for the night but Harry is looking at me with those big green innocent eyes that I can't say no to. "Yes baby. I pinkie promise." I entwine my pinkie finger with Harry's.


"I don't want to go back to the hostabul either." Zayn says. "It smells funny." Because he's only six he can't say 'hospital' properly. I chuckle. Zayn pulls a face that makes Harry giggle. "Yeah it does smell a bit funny doesn't it?" "Mmhm." Zayn replies humming in agreement. "Can we go home now daddy?" I chuckle. "Yes Zayn we can go home now." I lift Harry up as I slide out from my side of the booth and sit him on my hip. I take the tray and the rubbish to the bin as Zayn slides out from the booth and quickly follows behind me. I pick Zayn up and sit him on my hip as well as I walk out with the boys to the car.


Harry yawns and nuzzles his head into the crook of my neck, curls tickling my skin. I unlock my car and open the door to sit the boys inside. I buckle them up into their seats. Once I know their safe and tightly buckled up I close the door and go around to my side of the car and get in. I buckle myself up and start the car. I start the car and pull out of the car park. "Hey daddy can you turn the music up?" Zayn asks as one of his favourite songs come on. I look back at the boys through the rear view mirror. Harry is half asleep. "Yes sweetie I can but only a little bit because Harry's half asleep ok?" I stop at the traffic lights and I see Zayn look over at Harry and smile. Harry gives Zayn a sleepy smile back. 


I smile also. My children. My beautiful children. My smile grows. I quickly turn my eyes back to the road realising that I'm waiting for the lights to change. Just as my eyes turn back to the road the lights change to green. Zayn's in the back dancing along to the music. Harry's head is know resting against the window as I pull into our drive way. I turn the car off and get out to unbuckle the boys. Zayn is first out of the car all bubbly and on a sugar high. He's jumping and running around. "Zayn!" I call. "Come on sweetie we're going inside now. Once you take your shoes off you can go play outside ok?" I say as I gently scoop Harry out of the car and into my arms. "Yes daddy." Zayn says with a big smile. He stands beside me bouncing on his toes as I unlock the door. Once the door is open Zayn runs inside yelling at the top of his lungs.


This startles Harry and makes him jump. I hug him tight with one arm as I put my keys down and turn off the alarm. I carry Harry into the lounge room and I sit down on the lounge with Harry on my lap. He curls up and snuggles into my chest. I gently run my fingers through his hair as his eyes drift closed. Zayn comes and jumps up onto the lounge beside me wanting cuddles also. I put my arm around him and pull him into my chest as well. I hold both my children close in a comfortable silence when Harry softly speaks up.


"Daddy?" He whispers softly. "Yes cupcake?" "Am I going to be ok?" "What are they going to do to me?" Harry asks a fearfully. By 'they' Harry means the doctors at the hospital. "You're gonna be fine kitten. Just fine and the doctors are gonna make you better." "Are they gonna hurt me daddy?" "No baby. They're not gonna hurt you. I won't let them." As soon as those words leave my lips my mind immediately goes to what the doctor said about chemo and the possibility of surgery.


Oh my.. They're not gonna hurt my baby...Are they?


*Author's Note*

I'm sorry guys I know that this is another crappy filler but this is necessary for the story to progress. I know I haven't updated in ages but that's because I'm struggling with anxiety and depression so I don't know when I'll be able to update again. A shout out to the beautiful HarrysPrincess07 for sticking with me. She is the most amazing person. Please read her stories I love her so much. She is my Movellys best friend. Anyway it's time for bed now I'll try to update soon I love you guys. Stay beautiful. XX. Love ya. MCS.

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