Little Harry

He's only four years old. His life wasn't meant to end like this. My baby. My son. Gone. Forever.


2. Chapter 2

It's been three hours sice I found out Harry has cancer. He's still alseep. "Daddy?" Zayn asks quietly. He's sitting on the floor playing with a toy car. "Yes sweetie?" "When will Harry wake up?" And for a moment I'm jealous of Zayn. So young and so innocent. I'd give anything to be that young and naive right now. I sigh sadly. "I don't know when Harry will wake up." I answer truthfully.

Just as I finish answering Zayn's question I hear a tiny whimper from behind me. I look at Harry to see him stirring softly as a pained expression flutters across his face. I pick Zayn up and sit him on my lap as Harry blinks his green eyes open. "Daddy?" Harry asks softly. "I'm here baby I'm here. It's just me and Zayn."

"Daddy my head hurts." Harry whispers. "Oh baby." I say as a pain shoots through my chest. A pain of being completely helpless. I move Zayn so he's sitting on my knee. I reach over to Harry and scoop him up in my arms. He has a cannula stuck into his left hand. I sit Harry on my other knee and he curls into my chest. "Are you ok Harry?" Zayn asks. Harry nods. Zayn smiles. "That's good." 

A doctor with dark brown hair tied up into a ponytail and blue eyes enters the room. "Hi." She says warmly a big smile on her pale pink lips. "I'm doctor Maria Chance, Harry's oncologist. You can call me Maria." "Hi." I say. "I'm Louis Tomlinson Harry's dad." "It's nice to meet you." Maria smiles. "Ok so I've read Harry's diagnosis and he has Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumors correct?"

"That's what I've been told." I say. "Ok then so in terms of treatment what are you wanting to do?" Maria has a clipboard that she's writing down on. "Um I-I don't know. What treatment options are there?" "Well there's chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery." "Hm ok." "So what are you planning to do?" 

"I don't know I'm gonna have to have a think about it." I say sighing. "I understand." Maria smiles. "it's a big decision." "Yeah it is. What would you reccomend?" "I personally would reccomend surgery and then continue treatment with either chemo or radiotherapy but I would also get a second opinion from a radio oncologist and heamatologist." "Ok." 

"Alright so have a think about it and I'll be back later to help you with any questions you may have." "Thanks." I say managing a half smile. "Your welcome." Maria smiles. She leaves the room. I look down at Harry and Zayn. Zayn is off in his own little world while Harry is looking at the floor. "Hey sweetie." I say softly. Harry looks up at me with big green fearful eyes.

"You're gonna be ok sweetie. You're gonna be fine. We'll get through this. I promise." "I love you daddy." Harry says giving me a big squeezy hug. "I love you too." I say hugging Harry tightly back. Suddenly Zayn's tummy grumbles. Harry pulls away from me and giggles at Zayn. Zayn smiles. "Are you two hungry?" "Yes!" Harry and Zayn say together. I laugh. "Ok let's go get some food.

As I sit Harry on one hip and Zayn on the other the sinking feeling grows in the pit of my stomach telling me something is gonig to go horribly horribly wrong...


Author's Note

Hey guys! I'm so sorry I haven't updated in a while and that this chapter is shorter and kind of a filler. OH! Guess what!? I SAW ONE DIRECTION LIVE IN CONCERT ON SUNDAY!! IT WAS AMAZING OMG!!! LIAM ACTUALLY LOOKED RIGHT AT ME AND WAVED BACK AT ME! I DIED!! Hahaha yeah it was a great concert I had so much fun. Anyway thank you all so much for reading this story and I promise another chapter soon although I don't know when I'll be able to get it up because I'm back at school again. Bummer I know. Anyway Love you all. XX. MCS.

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