We're Not

She sat there, face more red than it had ever been. How could she have answered the wrong question? 'Gah, I'm such an idiot!' She thought. "It's fine, Danielle, we're all friends here." Ryan said nonchalantly. Her eyes shot wide open. Did he really just say 'we're all friends here'?That's funny Ryan, because you and I? We're not.


1. W

  She looked onto the board, hoping she'd have a decent seat in Music.She sighed as she read the seating chart. " Hunter in front of me, Brandon behind, Kyle to my left, and Ryan to my right." She mumbled to no one, but herself. 'Better than a bunch of popular girls.' She thought. Boy, was she wrong.

  She plopped down, into her seat, waiting for the class to begin. She pulled out an un-sharpened pencil, and got up. She doesn't like pencils that aren't sharp, normally tossing them aside, but she needed an excuse to get up.

  After standing there for a moment, she returned to her seat. Although, there was something different here. Instead of the two empty seats, two filled seat splayed out in front of her.

   The two boys were talking, whispering, and laughing. 'This is going to be a long quarter,' She thought, as she carefully slid past Kyle's chair.

  "Oh," Ryan said, studying the girl next to him, " Hi?" He laughed again. By the amount of people talking to him, and laughing with him, she could tell he was popular. She could also tell exactly what kind of guy he was going to be. A jerk.

  That was all he said as the teacher began the lesson. Nobody liked Ms. Loila, but she somehow remained a teacher that we all had to have eventually.

  She sat there, bored out of her mind, and waiting for the bell to ring. She couldn't help but stare at the clock, although there was a pair of eyes on her, as she  scribbled the notes onto the paper. "Ms. Forbes, could you please show the class your lovely handwriting?" She asked, motioning towards the projector.

  Everyone's eyes were her,as she stalked up to the front of the class. She placed the paper onto the surface, and looked at the screen behind her. When she was scribbling notes, the only thing she wrote were a bunch of scribbles.

  "I'll see you after school," She said, handing her a detention slip. 'Fabulous' She thought, 'It's the second week of school, and already, I have a detention. How much worse could it get?'

  Unfortunately for her, she didn't know what trouble lied ahead.

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