Lips of an Angel *Larry*

Ok, I'd like to start out by saying I DID NOT WRITE THE FIRST CHAPTER/PROLOGUE , AND I FOUND IT ON 1DSEXUALFRUSTRATIONS.TUMBLR.COM. ALL CREDIT FOR THE FIRST CHAPTER GOES TO HORAN-HOESXX ON TUMBLR. ANY CHAPTERS AFTER THAT ARE MINE UNLESS OTHERWISE LISTED. Basically, Its just a lovely little larry story that you should read. one direction isnt a band in this story.. I promise its good im just shit at summaries.


4. 4

Harry’s POV



God damn it, stop calling me, whoever you are!


Fucking marimba.


“Oh fuck it” I sighed in exasperation and pulled out my phone.

“Hello?” I answered in my slow drawl, sounding quite irritated.

“Oh thank god you answered , Harry, I’ve been worried sick!” My girlfriends high pitched, slightly annoying voice rang out.

“What do you want, Felicity?” I asked, starting to get frustrated.

“Where are you? Wherever you’re going I want to com-” She started but I cut her off.

“Jesus Christ can’t I do anything by myself?” I interrupted harshly.

“Well I just thought that yo- ” She started only to get cut off again. At this point I was done with pretending I loved someone that I didn’t, I was done with bearing the pain of trying to forget the only person I ever truly loved and trusted. I was done with her – I wanted Louis.  ONLY Louis, and no one else.  And a bitchy, overbearing, and possessive ‘girlfriend’, was definitely not helping me get to Louis.

“My god, can you ever just shut the fuck up?” I started. “I honestly don’t even know why I put up with you. I’m sorry but I honestly don’t even like you, let alone love you! You’re clingy, annoying, over controlling, and over all just a bitch! I can’t even pretend to love you anymore!” I let out in one breath, my face reddening, and my body slightly shaking in pent up rage.

“Harry, you’re not making sense, you sound as if you want to be done with me.” She said in confusion. Is she serious right now?

“IT’S BECAUSE I DO WANT TO BE DONE WITH YOU!” I yelled into my iPhone. “I never did in the first place! I don’t like you!  I don’t even like girls, Felicity, I’m fucking gay!” I yelled into the phone.

“What?” She stuttered into the phone.

“That’s where I’m going! To visit my boyfriend! I honestly would never in a million years ask you to come with me!”  I spat out angrily.

“You son of a bitch!” she yelled into the phone. “First you use me, and then you date someone else while using me?” She almost yelled. “I will make your life hell, Harry Styles, you mark my words. Hell.” She whispered in a calm rage. And for some reason, from the depths of that dull brain she carried around in her head, I knew she meant it. And that’s what scared me.




A/N SO yeah. bitch be crazy. hahahaha so yeah, this chapter is a bit longer. Hope you like it! Like and favorite:)<3 Shit no im turning White girl this isnt ok  no i must stop the transformation NOOOOOOOO

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