Lips of an Angel *Larry*

Ok, I'd like to start out by saying I DID NOT WRITE THE FIRST CHAPTER/PROLOGUE , AND I FOUND IT ON 1DSEXUALFRUSTRATIONS.TUMBLR.COM. ALL CREDIT FOR THE FIRST CHAPTER GOES TO HORAN-HOESXX ON TUMBLR. ANY CHAPTERS AFTER THAT ARE MINE UNLESS OTHERWISE LISTED. Basically, Its just a lovely little larry story that you should read. one direction isnt a band in this story.. I promise its good im just shit at summaries.


3. 3

Louis POV


Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.

All I could think. Oh my god. I’m so overwhelmed with emotions right now, I can barely think. Harry is coming here… I’m ecstatic about that, there’s no question about it. But what about Carey?  I don’t exactly know how to tell the girl I’ve been dating for over a year that I’m Bisexual, and that a man I’ve loved for seven years is coming! 




A/N im so sorry its so short and has taken so long to update, but I'll try to update more frequently. I've been having some trouble at school due to a chronic condition called bandicitis and its when you care too much about bands and famous people that you "accidentally" "forget" to do your homework. Its a diagnosed condition and my math grade was at an 8% because of it. i kid you not, EIGHT. OCHO. 8. i warn you now, this disease can be caused by tumblr.

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