Lips of an Angel *Larry*

Ok, I'd like to start out by saying I DID NOT WRITE THE FIRST CHAPTER/PROLOGUE , AND I FOUND IT ON 1DSEXUALFRUSTRATIONS.TUMBLR.COM. ALL CREDIT FOR THE FIRST CHAPTER GOES TO HORAN-HOESXX ON TUMBLR. ANY CHAPTERS AFTER THAT ARE MINE UNLESS OTHERWISE LISTED. Basically, Its just a lovely little larry story that you should read. one direction isnt a band in this story.. I promise its good im just shit at summaries.


2. 2

Harry's POV



As I walked out the front door of my apartment building, the cold air rushed into my lungs. God damn, its cold, I thought to myself. I looked up to the sky, and as soon as I did, I felt something cold and white hit my nose. Snow.  It was snowing, and as every second passed, the elegant white blanket gracing the ground grew thicker. I smiled to myself as I thought about Louis. Louis loved snow. The look, the feel, the chills that came with touching it. Even the smell that no one but him could seem to sense. Soon, I thought to myself,  You’ll be with him soon. And the thought of seeing Louis put a smile on my face that nothing  could remove. Or so I thought.





WELL HOWD YOU LIKE THE FIRST CHAPTER???//??   Sorry its short:/ BUT I SHALL UPDATE AGAIN SOON. like and favorite:)))

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