Lips of an Angel *Larry*

Ok, I'd like to start out by saying I DID NOT WRITE THE FIRST CHAPTER/PROLOGUE , AND I FOUND IT ON 1DSEXUALFRUSTRATIONS.TUMBLR.COM. ALL CREDIT FOR THE FIRST CHAPTER GOES TO HORAN-HOESXX ON TUMBLR. ANY CHAPTERS AFTER THAT ARE MINE UNLESS OTHERWISE LISTED. Basically, Its just a lovely little larry story that you should read. one direction isnt a band in this story.. I promise its good im just shit at summaries.


1. 1

Harry and Louis were always meant for each other. They’d hit it off from the day they met. Although everyone’s really your friend in Kindergarten, these two had a special bond. And, everyone who met them could see it. That’s why, several years later, when they had told their mothers they were dating, it came as no surprise.

After that, they had been insepreable even more than before. Always together, eating out, going bowling, or even just having a lazy movie day. No matter what they did, they were happy if they were together. They were very much accepted amoung their family and friends. Everything really was perfect. But, all good things must end and sadly this one went down very quickly.

Five years after they declarred the title ‘boyfriend’ they had to go away to Uni. Louis was accpeted to a university on the other side of the country from where Harry was accpeted. The dropped everything, both agreeing that a long-distance relationship would not work. They were too touchy-feely with eachother. And that helped mend them together. Without that, the relationship wouldn’t be the same.

This is year two of uni and they have both found another significant other. They were both somewhat happy again. They hadn’t moved on, still hopeful that one day they would reunite.

Two am isn’t really the best time for a phone call, but when Harry saw who it was he automaticly answered. Getting out of bed, leaving his girlfriend, he went into the living room to take the call. “Lou?” he asked when he answered. He heard a raspy chuckle of relief on the other, sounding as if Louis had been crying.

"Louis, why are you calling me? It’s late. Now’s not the best time." Harry told him. Lou sniffled.

"Haz, I needed to hear your voice." He sniffled again.

"Lou, why are you crying?" Harry whispered, concerned. Louis never really cried. "Is everything okay?"

Lou chuckled again. “Harry, I’m fine. I want to hear how you are. Do you have a girl?”

"Haha, yeah. She’s in the other room. Sleeping." Harry suddenly felt on overwhelming sadness. The truth was he missed Louis a lot. Almost all the time. "Lou. I wish you were her, sometimes. I didn’t move on like we said we were going to…" His voice trailed off.

"Harry. I never wanted to move on." Louis said back, silent tears still streaming down his face. Harry missed the sound of his name coming from Louis voice.

"You’re voice sounds so sweet after so long of not hearing it." Harry said, not really meaning to. It just kinda slipped out. "You sound like an angel."

"Yours too, Haz." Louis slurred back, finally smiling. "I miss you."

"You know, Louis. It’s kinda funny you’re calling me. I was going to call you tomorrow." Harry told him, matter-at-factively.

"I would have been glad you did." Louis smiled, happy that he’s not the only one that wanted to talk. "How are your dreams?" Louis knows that Harry always had bad dreams, since he was a kid.

"I keep having the same one." Harry said, remembering the numerous nights he dreamt it. "You were in it. It was us in the future. We had 4 kids. Darcy who was 4. Lucas who was 13. And twins Paige and Parker who were 7." He let out a chuckle. "We were a family, Lou."

That’s when Louis looses it. He puts his hand over his mouth and trys to be quiet as he starts to sob. He really missed Harry. He hadn’t stopped thinking about him since they were sperated. The hole in his chest never mended. And as quiet as he tried to be, Harry still knew he wasn’t alright.

He olny knew because Harry wasn’t alright, either. “Lou? Are you okay?” Louis nodded. He knew that Harry couldn’t see him, but it was more a reassurance for himself. He wiped his eyes, and took a deep breath.

"I’m okay." He stated. "Harry..?"

"Yeah, Lou?"

"When can I see you?"

Harry sighed, and started walking into his small apartment kitchen to grab a paper and pen. He rested the phone in between his ear and shoulder.

"Lou?" He said as he started to messily scribble his note.


I have to go set some things strait. I’ll explain later.


"Huh?" Louis replied back, trying to focus on Harry’s voice, sleep getting the better of him.

"I’ll be there before you know it." He said, grabbing his keys, coat and throwing some shoes on.

"Harry, I love you."

"I love you, too Boobear."




A/N this first chapter was not written by me, it is just a one shot i wanted to write off of. dont know how its going to go, so i guess we'll see. all credit for this goes to horan-hoesxx on tumblr.

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