Nobody's Perfect

Why is a razor so diffrent than a match? Why do people judge ? If you are even diffrent by a sliver your treated as an annoying splinter. Why if your not a size zero are we bullied ask yourself that then cut it out


1. Nobody perfect

His name is Johnny Boy known for having joy.He likes to skip dinner all he wants is to be thinner. There is a twist to his story though because he is different than the status quo. He is not a size zero you see, he is the size of three of me. Taunted by the Internet bully;too big and not a girl , Are you kidding me ? He doesn't actually make himself hurl. 
 Her name is Elizabeth you see and she lives everyday with a silent ple. She decided enough was enough. Her lighter presses down but not to rough. She skips the blade but the scratches are still self made . Oh but darling shes not doing it right . Her scratches and burns are way too slight . This girl is part of the norm . The ones who do not struggle with self harm.

We live in a world where the norm is the norm. If you are different by even a sliver you are treated as an annoying splinter. It's not fair to those who struggle and are treated as a muggle . Yes,the boy is bigger than most , but this doesn't mean he isn't haunted by that cruel Ana ghost. And yes, that girl may burn and scratch but why is a razor so different than a match? 

And that is the true question you see . Even though we're not all rich smart skinny or many other things we all should be treated as equals because nobody is perfect  

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