High School

When two high school students find their first love, nothing could be better... Although things could get worse...


2. Getting to know each other

Miss Galaway was our tutor and she called for silence among the class room. "Everyone, can you please welcome Olly Hallent into our form. He will be joining us until the end of this term whilst his parents are away for business in Tokyo". Everyone started mumbling in their groups about the new guy and saying how good looking he was, especially the popular girls. My girls don't really like to mingle with that crowd because it always end up to no good. "Silence please! Who wants to buddy up with Olly for the term to help him out?" Miss shouted. Max said he would so Olly went to sit over where Max was sitting. Max was my guy bestfriend. We've known each other since primary and have always been there for one another.

I walked over to Max and asked how his summer had been and he told me about when he went to Egypt, at the same time he handed me a bracket he had gotten me whilst there. I also said hello to Olly and asked how his summer had been. He told me how his parents went over to Japan to work their whilst he stayed at his grandmas house. Us three started to have general conversations and then all of a sudden Olly said to me "Aimee," I replied "Yes?" He carried on "Oh no actually don't worry..." He started going red and twiddled his thumbs. I just said okay to help him hide the embarrassment. For at least a minute he sat there staring at my face whilst I was talking to Max. I couldn't work out, is this guy a creep? Or is he cute? He seemed quite cute if I'm honest but ill just keep that to myself...

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