Wishing well

What would you do if your plane crashed on an uninhabited island?


2. Awkward.

“Hey Mark I think I found a path that might lead us somewhere.” I yelled. “Stay there i'm coming to look at it” As Mark walked up to me to look at the path she saw a questioned face on Mark.

“Umm Celina did you hear that?” “What noise could I possibly here when it’s only you and I on the island? Now hurry up and get here before the sun sets.”


Mark caught up with me and we both walked down the path and about a half a mile we found some mango trees and more banana trees. I looked at Mark with a huge grin on my face. “Mark look! We found food!” I shouted in joy knowing I was not going to die tonight. “Celina we did not find the food. You found it” After mark said that he winked at me… “Thanks Mark now lets gather some fruit up and bring it to the teepees you built - wait.. Mark when you heard a noise was it a whoosh?” “EXACTLY THATS EXACTLY WHAT I HEARD! Why do you ask?” “Well I heard the same thing just now, I don't know where it came from though… Do you think it could be an animal or someone?” I said. “Celina use some common sense here. Both of us were on a plane. About 100 people were on it. We all crashed together. Its not like it was only us two.”


Right now Mark is getting on my nerves. First of all he winked at me? Then he gives me crap for not using common sense? Okay man my plane just crashed and I feel like I'm gonna go stir crazy. My family doesn't know where I am. My friends are back home partying with out me. Last but not least i’m stuck on a island. Maybe I should change my attitude and think its not that bad. Oh wait no cell phone, no real food, no television. I think my whole life is over. Well maybe not..


“Celina? earth to Celina.” Mark waved his hand in my face. “Ew get your hand away from my face.  I was just thinking to myself okay? My family doesn't know where I am. My friends are back home partying with out me. Last but not least i’m stuck on a island with you. Just get out of my way.” “Whoa slow down there girl. I have family and a social life too. Dont think its all about you.”

“Maybe you're right Mark. I think its just that I'm away from home and I feel lost.” I felt so guilty while saying that. I thought to myself, do I really act like this? I am selfish.. there are other people than just me in the world. Maybe if I was not inconsiderate everyday people would like me for who I am and not my snotty nose.


As I’m walking towards Mark I actually looked at him and saw how good looking he was. Blueish grey eyes had me captivated. Am I crushing on him? No I couldn't be. I was just rude to him. But maybe I do? “Hey Mark come here for a second please, we need a little chat.”

“Celina if you going to talk ridiculous I don't want to hear it.” “I’m hear to apologize.”

“Apologize about what?” I made eye contact with him.. those eyes have me sucked in like a vacuum. Will he believe me if I say sorry? No wait sorry is not good enough. “Celina? How many times are you going to zone out in a day?” “Sorry your eye.” “My eye? Is somthing wrong with it?” “No dont mind what I just said, I'm here to say I'm sorry for being selfish and not thinking clearly that its not just me in the world and others have feelings too.”

I paused for  a second. Did that really come out of my mouth? I guess it did.

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