Guardian angel

With eyes as blue as the sea and lips as red a blood, he fell to the Earth to save us. He was my personal blessing in disguise. So perfect, every single detail was precise. There was nobody quite like him. But how could they be. Niall Horan came back to Earth just to be my guardian angel. Nobody else could see him. To them he was in the ground, alone and lifeless. But he's not. He's here, watching over me. Keeping me safe and free from harm.


4. I want you to meet the boys

"I want you to meet the boys" Niall announced, making me slightly confused

"What?" I asked

"I want you to meet One Direction. I can't leave your side and I want to see them" He announced.

"Okay, but isn't that easier said than done?" I asked unsure. He looked at me and laughed.

"Hunny, I am Niall Horan" He said whilst laughing.

"And you're dead..." I replied, but he just carried on laughing

"No I mean. I'm Niall Horan. I know how you can get to meet them!" He said. Okay he had a point, but how could he pull it off. He was dead.

"Okay, so how do we do it?" I asked.

"Meet and greet" He replied simply.

"But they aren't doing them anymore. They aren't being a band without you." I said and he smiled.

"Just listen!" He said and I shut up instantly. But even if I did have meet and greet tickets. How could I get tickets. I had no money and the boys were in America. Clearly Niall, with his new angel powers, could read my mind. Just then a pair of meet and greet tickets appeared in my hand, along with a passport and a ticket to America. A suitcase appeared in the corner of my room. I got a text from my dad.

From Dad xx: Have fun in America princess. Be safe and i'll see you in 2 weeks xx

"What the hell, how did you do that?" I exclaimed and Niall smiled.

"I'm an angel, I have powers. Now the plan...." He began and he explained it to me. He told me how I had to go to America and to where the boys were staying. Say I spent all my money on meet and greet tickets. That I had nothing left to get home. Get Harry to fall in love with me. Spend lots of time with them. That kind of stuff. That sounded horrible, I was basically using Harry for Niall.

"What if I don't want to do it?" I asked and Niall smiled.

"Are you saying you don't want Harry Styles to fall in love with you. Besides.... I never said you couldn't fall in love with him." He said. Okay so maybe I liked this plan.

"I suppose we should go to the airport then" I replied and Niall smiled again.

"No need" He said simply and he clicked his fingers. I saw black. I quickly shut my eyes, scared of what was happening. When I opened them 2 seconds later I was at Gatwick airport!

"If you can transport me to the airport, why not just transport me to America!" I exclaimed, clearly this was a stupid idea. I felt my stomach tie into tight knots. I began weezing and I felt sick as hell. I opened my eyes again and I was in America.

"WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL. I WAS JOKING!" I yelled. He laughed.

"You gave me the idea hunny, blame yourself. Now lets go see the boys" He said and I nodded. I guess it was time to meet One Direction and more importantly Harry...

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